Edging and Orgasm Control

Edging is a sexual technique that can improve sex on numerous levels. Some claim that it makes their orgasms more intense, while others swear that it can make sex last longer. Best of all, it’s a practice that can benefit women and men! To help you understand this method and find out if it fits into your lifestyle, FunLove.com offers this guide to edging.

What Is Edging?

Edging is the practice of stimulating the penis or vagina just before the point of an orgasm. At this point, stimulation is stopped or greatly reduced. Some people begin stimulation again after several seconds, while those with greater sensitivity wait a few minutes. Some people repeat the process multiple times before enjoying an orgasm.

Edging for Women

For women, edging is pretty straightforward. Whether you’re having sex with a partner or masturbating, the idea is to get to the brink of an orgasm, scale back, and repeat as needed. The ultimate goal is to have an intense orgasm. Some women claim that edging helps them feel more powerful sensations that can not be achieved without it.

Some women also incorporate kegel exercises into their edging. It is believed that engaging the pelvic floor muscles helps women come down from the edge faster and allows them to start stimulation again sooner. One added benefit of using kegel exercises is that your male sexual partners can enjoy the increased pelvic strength you build.

Naturally, everyone has different bodies, so your mileage with edging may vary. That said, it never hurts to try; whether edging works for you or not, you’ll still have fun figuring out if it works for you.

Edging for Men

Some men also believe that edging helps them have more powerful orgasms, but many do it because it helps them delay orgasm and enjoy sex for a longer period of time. It’s particularly popular with men that suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, as it has the potential to build stamina.

The squeeze technique is something that some men do to enhance edging. Right before the point of orgasm, you or your partner firmly squeeze the head of the penis. Alternatively, you can squeeze your testicles while pulling down. Depending on the person, sensitivity is reduced after the squeeze, which allows for more time to build up to an orgasm.

Whether you use the squeeze technique or not, one thing to be careful of is how close to the brink you get. Some men can get orgasm-like sensations without ejaculating. For men that get to that point, edging can help with stamina or premature ejaculation issues, but the feelings during orgasm can be diminished. Again, edging is different for everyone and takes practice to optimize the benefits. Even if you fail to get the desired results initially, practicing will be fun!

Edging Benefits for All!

In addition to helping delay orgasm and increase stamina, there are other ways that edging benefits both men and women. They include:

  • Helping You Understand Your Body: By repeatedly getting to the point of orgasm, cutting off stimulation, and building up to the brink again, you’ll discover which parts of your body are more sensitive than others. This can help you control and time your orgasms to perfection. It’s also a chance to explore different erogenous zones.
  • Enjoying a Different Type of Sex: Many people think of sexual intercourse as a penetrative act. That’s not the case at all! Sex can be enjoyed in many different ways, including edging with your partner.
  • Working Out With Sex Toys: Most people think of sex toys as devices that increase or enhance pleasure. While that’s certainly true, sex toys can also be used with edging to help build stamina. Think of them as free weights or a treadmill for your penis or vagina.
  • Improving Your Sexual Confidence: Being able to control how long you can last or the timing of your orgasm can help make you a better lover. You’ll be able to satisfy your partner better and experience the joy of coming together.

Live on the Edge With FunLove

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