Quickie Sex

According to a study by Penn State Behrend, the desirable duration for sex is between 7 and 13 minutes. Unfortunately, there are times when 7 to 13 minutes is hard to come by. Whether it’s work, parenting, or other obligations, life can get in the way of sex. This is where quickie sex comes in. For people that are constantly on the go or have jam-packed schedules, quickie sex may be the only option. Below are FunLove.com’s tips to get the most out of sex in the least amount of time.

Leave Your Clothes On

Many people are used to having sex with all of their clothes off. Undressing fully takes time, which is precious when it comes to quickie sex. If you’re looking to have fun on the run then don’t bother taking all of your clothes off, but do make sure that you and your partner are still comfortable. Cumbersome clothing that pinches in the wrong places can prolong sex and waste valuable time.

Dress for Easy Access

Crotchless Panties For Quickie Sex

In addition to not taking your clothes off, it’s best to make sure that your sensitive areas are easily accessible to your partner. FunLove.com has fantastic men’s underwear that allows the penis to be easily unleashed. We also have a variety of open-crotch and crotchless undergarments for ladies that leaves the vagina open for business. You could, of course, forget about underwear entirely if you know that quickie sex will be on your day’s agenda.

Try Non-Contact Foreplay

There simply isn’t time for proper foreplay when it comes to quickie sex. However, there are many things that you could do to help make sure you’re in the right mood when it’s time for the main event. You and your partner can exchange naughty messages and photos before it’s time to meet up. If you want to get high tech, FunLove.com has a fantastic selection of sex toys for long-distance foreplay.

Pre-Game Masturbation

Athletes often go through a vigorous warmup before the big game. You should think about approaching quickie sex the same way with some pre-game masturbation. For women, this helps getting the vagina moist so that you can jump right into sex. For men, this can make you feel more sensitive and ready to come quickly. Just make sure not to ejaculate before the meetup, as this can actually make sex last longer or leave you unable to sustain an erection.

Lube Up

Sliquid Soul Cube Personal Lubricant

As mentioned, you don’t have time for full, glorious foreplay. This makes lube a must. Proper lubrication will make sex more comfortable for men and women, allowing you to get things done as quickly as possible. FunLove.com has a wide variety of personal lubricant for you to choose from, including some in convenient packaging that’s perfect for quickie sex. For example, the Sliquid Soul Cube contains 12 2-oz pillow packs of lube that are discreet and pocketable.

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Block Out Distractions

One of the keys to getting any job done quickly is eliminating distractions so that you can focus on the task at hand. This is especially important when it comes to quickie sex. Make sure that your mind is clear, your phone is off, and nearby sounds won’t distract you from getting off as quickly as possible. Keep your focus on your partner and making them (and yourself!) feel good.

Add Toys to the Mix

FunLove.com knows how phenomenal toys can be in the bedroom. However, they can also come in handy when time is of essence. For example, many women will be able to climax faster if a vibrating clitoral toy is used in conjunction with vaginal penetration. Additionally, many men will be able to come faster by using a vibrating cock ring. One of the ancillary benefits of discovering the right toy for quickie sex is that it can be used for longer lovemaking sessions, where you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Communication Is Key

As with so many things with lovemaking, communication is so important for excellent quickie sex. You and your lover should know the right spots to kiss, what parts of the body to caress, and which positions are best in order to get off as fast as possible. While knowing these things beforehand is great, don’t forget to talk during sex. Whether it’s telling your lover what to do, giving sexy encouragement, or talking dirty, communication is essential.

Make a Quick Stop to FunLove Before Quickie Sex

FunLove.com hopes that you found the information in this blog useful and that it helps you have incredible quickie sex. Please be sure to visit our online store for some intimate apparel, lube, and toys that will help you enjoy it to the fullest. For our customers with particularly hectic lives, we hope you at least have time to have as much quickie sex as possible!

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