Hers and His Top 7 Erogenous Zones

Whether it’s new, old, makeup, break up, or long distance, there isn’t a one size fits all way to have sex. The only common factor across the board is that your sexual enjoyment can become pretty bland if you keep doing the same things over and over again. And we all know that doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different 

results is the very definition of insanity. To help you avoid a one way trip on the crazy train, our team at FunLove is here to share with you seven erogenous zones to target to heighten sex-play for partners and singles.

What Are Erogenous Zones?

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Before we dive into the different zones of delight, let’s define what an erogenous zone is and why you should pay special attention to these areas. Erogenous zones are extra sensitive areas on the body that when stimulated can trigger delicious responses such as sexual arousal, orgasms, and overall relaxation.

The sensitivity level and response to intimate touch differs between individuals and genders. The trick is to learn more about the hot spots on your partner and yourself to ensure a heightened level of pleasure. Then once you do, mix it up so that you don’t get caught in a repetitive routine. 

You’ll also want to use different techniques, toys, and  stimulants when targeting each zone, as well as alter between massaging, licking, kissing, and sucking.

And if you need a little extra inspiration to get into the mood, FunLove’s adult dice games and are a fun, simple, and erotic guide to experience bliss. 

Seven Erogenous Zones

As previously mentioned, sexual hot spots on females and males are numerous and differ between individual and levels of sensitivity.  Here are our top seven hers and his erogenous zones for you to focus on numbered from least sensitive to our number one picks.     

#7 Erogenous Zones

Her:  Back of Neck. Approach her from behind then lightly caress the back of the neck with a soft touch and sensual kiss. 

Him: Perineum. In case you ever wondered what the name of the area is between the anus and scrotum, it’s called the perineum. This area contains nerves that send sensations of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain. Use light pressure and vibration to stimulate this erogenous zone.

#6 Erogenous Zones

Her: Inner Thigh. Think of the inner thigh area as a playful prelude that leads to the bullseye of  intimate satisfaction—the vulva, clitoris and vagina. Just like the neck, this erogenous zone is best stimulated with light touches, kisses, tongue licks, and mouthy suction. Take it slow and let the tension build to make for an extremely happy ending.  

Him: Nipples. As an often neglected area, male nipples can be extra sensitive to touch. If you or your partner are among the 52 percent of males who enjoy this type of stimulation, have fun exploring light and hard touches, suction, clamps, hot and cold sensations, and other types of nipple play.  

Erogenous Zones #5 

nape of neck

Her: Nipples / Breasts. Nipples and breasts are a two-for-one package deal when it comes to the female anatomy. Each has a bundle of nerve endings that when stimulated triggers the part of the brain that produces sensual arousal and euphoria as experienced from stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, and cervix. 

Based on comfort and sensitivity levels, experiment with varying degrees of pressure, vibration, and other sexual techniques, devices, and stimulants during nipple play. Depending on personal preference, light nibbling or tight clamping on nipples might be enough to trigger an orgasm. And unlike nipple play with men, it’s important to note that pregnancy and monthly cycles can make nipples and breasts extra tender to touch, so you may or may not want to steer clear per personal preference.  

Him: Nape of Neck. This sweet spot is located at the base of your neck where the back of your hair begins and extends down to where the neck meets the shoulders. Gently tugging, scratching, nibbling, licking, and softly breathing on this area from behind increases erotic stimulation and heightens feelings of pleasure during foreplay.  

Erogenous Zones #4 

Her: Nape of Neck.  For her, light licking and suction from bottom of the neck near the shoulder towards the ear can be an extremely pleasing form of foreplay. Just remember to alter pressure and steer clear of the front of the neck. 

Him: Inner Thigh. If you haven’t noticed, there are some overlapping erogenous zones between genders. The key difference is in how each reacts to how and when these areas are touched during sex play. And since the inner thigh is near the penis, this erogenous zone ranks high for men. Gentle strokes, tender kisses, tickling, and light teasing will woo and stimulate him into a state of heightened bliss. 

#3 Erogenous Zones

mouth lips

Her:  Mouth / Lips Kissing.  Did you know that sensual kissing releases the “love hormone” oxytocin? That’s correct! A light touch on the lips with a finger, tongue, or mouth can trigger a blissful feeling. 

Him: Scrotum. The ball sack is home to tons of nerve endings that can create incredibly intense sensations. Stimulating this erogenous zone is not only pleasurable for some men, but also provides a few health benefits such as improved blood circulation to that area, potential boost in the production of sperm, as well as a quick check for any irregular lumps and swelling.  

To bring pleasure to this male erogenous zone, gently pull, squeeze, stroke, roll, and/or tap a rhythm with your fingers. Don’t be afraid to explore this area and communicate with your partner to share what you like or to find out what they find enjoyable.  

#2 Erogenous Zones 

Her: Vagina. Found in close proximity to the clitoris, the vagina is the second top erogenous zone for her. The best way to stimulate the interior nerve endings is to provide deep stimulation with varying degrees of pressure. At FunLove, we offer a broad range of vibrating dildos, wands, bullets, and more to stimulate and hit all the magical spots to trigger the “Big O.” 

Him: Mouth / Lips Kissing.  Just like her, a sensual light touch on the lips with a finger, tongue, or mouth can trigger a blissful feeling by triggering the release of the “love hormone.” 

#1 Hers and His Erogenous Zones 

Her: Clitoris. The fastest and easiest way to make most women climax is to stimulate the clitoris with pressure and/or vibration. 

Him: Penis. Stroking the penis with varying degrees of pressure, suctions, massage, and the use of lubricants is the fastest and easiest way to make most men climax. 

FunLove Gets You into the Zone  

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