5 Things Everyone Should Know Before Having Anal Sex

Anal sex was once taboo. Now, it is quickly becoming much more popular. The possibility of some new and exciting bedroom activities may have you considering trying anal sex for the first time. Here are answers to some of the most common anal sex questions.

1. Do I Need to Use Lube?

This answer is easy—you should absolutely use lube. Especially if this is your first time, you’ll want to stock up. This is because the anus, like the vagina, has muscles that must relax in order to allow penetration. Lubrication will help you achieve that.

Not all lube is equal, however. Make sure you have lubricant made specifically for anal sex for the best possible experience. Take a look through our inventory of anal play lubricants to see what you might like to try. The majority of anal lubricants will help loosen you up for more fun, and others will actually do the opposite

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2. Should I Start Slow?

Yes, it’s best to take it slow when experimenting with anal sex. You may want to try it out alone first, while you masturbate. This can help you get used to the sensation, as well as allow you to find out what you like. 

When you’re ready to try it with a partner, make sure that you have lube and condoms at the ready. You may also want to ask that your partner clip their fingernails- as this can cause scratching and bleeding. 

Then, take your time during foreplay. This will help youand your anusrelax for the main event. Your partner should try fingers or toys at first. Not all toys are safe for anal, so make sure to choose sex toys designed specifically for anal insertion. 

Finally, give anal sex a few tries. You may experience bleeding the first or second time, so it's best to take it slow until everyone is comfortable. 

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3. Should I Wash After?

When it comes to anal sex, cleanliness is key. It’s not advisable to have vaginal or oral sex afterwards, as that may spread nasty germs, like E. Coli. However, if you do decide to switch, make sure to change the condom in between. Also, wash hands and toys

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4. Are There Any Risks?

Bacteria is just one of the anal sex health risks to consider before trying it out. For instance, hemorrhoids are not typically caused by anal sex, but they may be irritated by the act. Sexually transmitted infections, like herpes and HIV, can also be spread through anal sex as well as vaginal. Finally, colon perforation is possible during anal sex, if you aren’t careful or an accident occurs. This is highly unlikely to happen, but if it does, you will need surgery to correct it.

5. Can Anal Sex Spice Up the Bedroom?

Another easy answerYES! Anal stimulation not only adds to the fun, but can also lead directly to orgasm. If you’re feeling adventurous and are looking for something new to try, anal sex might be exactly what you need.

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