Trainers to Improve Your Kegel Exercises

Would you be surprised to learn that Kegel exercises are not just for pregnant women trying to tighten up their insides after childbirth? If so--SURPRISE! Yes, it’s true. Kegel exercises are gender neutral. Males and females alike may choose this workout method as a means to tone the muscles that make up the pelvic floor. even offers a variety of Kegel exercise trainers to help increase the overall effects of a pelvis workout. Before we share those with you, let’s cover the where and why of it all.  

Where Is the Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor is located at the bottom of your pelvis. More specifically, it is made up of a bunch of muscles and tissues that hold your intestines, bladder, and reproductive organs in place.    

Why Do Pelvic Exercises?

Kegel exercises may help both females and males control their bowels and prevent urine leakage. Aside from the benefits of not having to worry about a cough or sneeze squeezing a little something extra out of you, you may also experience improved sexual benefits too. 

Women that do Kegel exercises may find that doing so helps to tighten their vaginas, increases their sexual arousal and orgasms, and allows for comfortable vaginal penetration. And for those transitioning into menopause, these exercises may increase blood flow to that area allowing for better overall health and muscle tone.     

For men, Kegel exercises may help with prostate health, sexual stamina, and ED

We would like to note that as with any new exercise routine, it is important to check with your doctor prior to just jumping right in. Doing the wrong movement, using a Kegel exercise trainer incorrectly, or using one that is too heavy could end up doing more harm than good.  

Kegel Exercise Trainers 

There are a variety of trainers that you may want to include in your Kegel workout routine. As previously mentioned, you’ll find a variety of Kegel devices on for females. We’ve also included details for a newly designed Kegel exerciser for males that has yet to hit the market. 

Kegel Balls

Kegel ball training kit

Kegel balls, a.k.a. Ben Wa balls, a.k.a beads, are small, circular weights that you insert into your vagina. And just like other weight training programs, you can start light and gradually work your way up to heavier options. You may also choose from single to multiple balls. Some come with a convenient pull to easily disengage, while others may take a little more practice expelling by drop and release. And since one size is not best for all, you’ll want to check the description to see which would fit most comfortably in your vaginal canal. Lastly, a drop or two of lube may also go a long way towards reducing any potential discomfort.

Yoni Eggs vs. Sensual Eggs

Kegel Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are teardrop-shaped glass Kegel exercisers that come in different sizes. Yoga practitioners may find that they help them focus on and engage different pelvic muscles while shifting through positions. Sensual eggs are a bit different from Yoni eggs as they were designed to increase sexual pleasure through vibration. They also come with a remote. With either egg, however, don’t forget to add a little lube to help ease insertion.         

Insertable Bullets

Kegel bullet
Bullets are often thought of as mini devices that pack a powerful punch when applied to different erogenous zones. But, they are so much more than that. Indeed, insertable bullets with pulls are an excellent way to help females train for Kegel exercises. Simply add a dollop of lube, insert the bullet, and clench to engage your muscles. Then after you're done with your workout, you can sit back, turn on your bullet, and enjoy a happy reward for taking time to improve your overall health. 


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kGoal Boost Kegel Exerciser for Men

Yes, there are many different Kegel exercises that men can do without the use of a device. However, kGoal Boost™ is a revolutionary, no insertion, interactive training system that lets you measure your Kegel exercises while seated. Which means that you can use it while driving, watching sports, playing or working online, etc. And even though expected shipping isn’t until November 2021, you can pre-order online now.      

Shop Now for Kegel Exercise Trainers

Now that we’ve pumped you up to learn more about how to tone your pelvic floor muscles, it’s time to shop for your new Kegel exercise trainer, lube, and any other personal care items that you may need. And since we proudly offer free shipping on all orders over $89 and discreet packaging, feel free to buy multiple items and have them delivered directly to you.  

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