Five Sexy Ways to Destress Over the Holidays

The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Between party planning, taking care of relatives, hunting for the perfect gift, decorating the house, and more, the end of the year can be overwhelming. Thankfully, knows several sexy ways to destress over the holidays. Whether you need to relieve your Yule log or have you jingle bells rocked, our list of erotic ways to unwind are sure to alleviate any pent-up holiday stress. Check them out below and, more importantly, give them a try.

Love Yourself

Sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You need to get away from the crowded malls, congested streets, and jam-packed airports so that you can have some “me time.” As we explain in our Masturbation Month blog, there are many mental and physical benefits to masturbating. Taking some time out to pleasure yourself will melt away any holiday stress you’re feeling and leave you in a much better mood. Since it’s the holidays, go ahead and reward yourself with a new male masturbator or vibrator. You deserve it!

Take a Long, Hot Soak

A long, hot bath feels even more luxurious when it’s cold outside. Take advantage of your tub and enhance your soak with one of our bath gels or aromatherapy oils. Since we’re talking about sexy ways to destress, don’t just bathe in your bathtub. Use it as a cozy and private location to get yourself off. As an added bonus, cleanup will be quick and easy since you’re already in the tub. So go ahead and load up on lube like it’s going out of style, sneak in an orgasm or two, wash yourself off, and reward yourself with a decadent soak.

Tantalize With Temperature Play

Wintertime is as good a time as any to give temperature play a try. Many of our customers love getting new sensations out of their sex toys by cooling them down or heating them up. Temperature play can even be used as part of an erotic massage. In addition to experiencing unique sensations in your sensitive areas, temperature can also be used to cool down any body parts that are swollen or heat up any parts that need loosening up. While we encourage you to feel something new with temperature play, we also remind you to safely heat up and cool down your sex toys.


Most people know that exercise is a great way to deal with stress, but did you know that sexercise is one of the best sexy ways to destress? It’s true! Kegel exercises are a great way to relieve stress, improve your sexual prowess, and improve your health. For women, kegel training can help tighten vaginas and increase the intensity of orgasms. For men, kegel training can be used to enhance prostate health, increase sexual stamina, and combat erectile dysfunction.

Have a Quickie

FunLove understands that time is precious during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your sexual needs. If your time is limited due to various holiday activities or company, then try to make time for quickie sex. While long and elaborate lovemaking sessions are wonderful, they’re not always practical. Sometimes you and your partner only have time for a quickie. Be sure to take that time so that you can have a bit of sexual pleasure amidst the holiday craziness.

More Sexy Ways to Destress?

FunLove hopes that you found our list of sexy ways to destress useful. Please use them so that you can make it through the holidays. And if you have any additional suggestions, please share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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