Top Reasons Why You Should Gift a Sex Toy

Is your partner one of those people that are hard to buy gifts for? Do you feel like your sex life is as dry as the dusty, cracked terrain of Death Valley? Or, has a friend confided a curiosity in adult toys and admitted they have no clue regarding what or where to buy? If so, then we have the perfect solution to all those questions… gift a sex toy (or gift card) from!      

In addition to these three reasons for when you should share a gift, we’ve come up with a few more based on frequently asked questions from our online and in-store shoppers.   

First Things First

Now before we jump into our top reason for when gifting a sex toy is a good idea, it’s important to note that not everyone may appreciate receiving such an intimate present from you. Yes, it boggles the mind--who wouldn’t want to receive a gift of clitoris, nipple, or penile satisfaction? However, certain family members, friends, and even partners may find it off-putting to be on the receiving end of your generosity.

Just ask yourself this first--have I ever had a conversation with, or have proof positive that, {insert name} appreciates self-gratification or adult toys? Then, to cover your bases, take a look at our return policy to find out what can be brought back or exchanged in case the gift is not welcome.   

When and Why to Gift a Sex Toy

Now that you have a better idea of who might be open to you gifting them a sex toy, let’s go over when and why you may want to gift an adult pleasure maker. 

Reason #1: Long Distance Relations

We-Vibe Date Night KitMaintaining an active sex life can be tricky if your partner travels a lot, or if it requires a bit of travel to see them. That’s why App-enabled sex toys make the perfect gift!  At, we have the latest and greatest selection of high-tech sex toys that allow you to experience epic pleasure, both near and far. In fact, the We-Vibe Date Night Kit is our current hot item that features two popular sex toys in one fun-filled gift box--the Nova 2 and Pivot. The Nova 2 is an enhanced rabbit vibrator that brings on blended orgasms, while the Pivot provides fuller, longer-lasting erections and pleasurable vibrations. Best yet, couples can control their partner's pleasure from afar with the tap of a finger on their smartphone.  

Reason #2: Major Sexual Rut Busters 

Sexual Rut Busters

Hectic schedules, time-consuming obligations, and even a complacent comfort level with a lover can bring about the demise of any sexual excitement in your life. Our advice to you is to first have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your rut. Then, come up with a few ways to rekindle the spark between the two of you. Third, visit or one of our retail locations together to pick out a few sex toys, stimulants, BDSM gear, intimate apparel, romance games, or whatever else spikes your mutual interests and gift those items to each other. Lastly, make time to experiment with and enjoy your new adult pleasure purchases with minimal distractions.       

Our Let’s Talk Sex blog also provides a variety of guides and tips you may enjoy, including: 

Reason #3: Surprising Benefits

Pump Worx

It is a scientific fact that sex toys are beneficial in more ways than just helping you get your rocks off. In truth, sex toys also provide surprising physical and mental health benefits too. So, by gifting a sex toy to someone you care about to help with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, or even sexual dysfunction, you are giving them the gift of well-being.  

For those who need to destress and/or a little help rising to the occasion, the Pump Worx travel trio pump set provides a “better than the real thing” experience. It is also just one male sex toy gift option that provides surprising benefits. A top sex toy gift for the ladies in your life is the Womanizer Classic 2. Simple and efficient, this contactless clitoral stimulator uses Pleasure Air Technology to enable climax within a short time without feeling overstimulated. Whoever receives this gentle yet powerful toy will be blown away sexually, while also enjoying the added benefits that follow a rush of orgasmic dopamine and endorphins into the body.

Gift a Sex Toy from 24/7   

With all these brilliant ideas on when and why you should gift a sex toy dancing around your head, it’s time to dive in and get shopping! Thankfully, is open 24/7 for night owls, early risers, and daytime dwellers.   

What’s even better is that we offer interest-free pleasure now, pay later shopping and free shipping on all orders over $89—plus, we always ship your items discreetly.

Questions? Need help finding the perfect sex toy gift? Stop by one of our Arizona or Colorado store locations, chat with an online representative, or contact our Customer Service department by calling 866-FUN-LOVE. You’ll also want to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with all our latest sales, promotions, and in-store events.