Discreet Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

Are you ready to dust off your suitcase and add a little spice to your next adventure with your boo or B.O.B.? FunLove is right there with you! That’s why we wanted to share these helpful travel tips regarding the do’s and don’ts of discreet travel-friendly sex toys—because believe it or not, your favorite pleasure devices and battery-operated boyfriend could trigger an international incident if brought to certain countries. A few U.S. states may even frown upon you bringing your adult extracurricular accessories. 

International Travel Considerations

At FunLove.com, you’ll find a wide variety of adult products to safely explore and push your sexual boundaries to experience new delights. That being said, there are certain boundaries that need to be left fully intact and not touched at all when you’re traveling internationally.

More specifically, do not try to bring a sex toy with you to any of these countries where sex toys are banned

The Maldives United Arab Emirates Kuwait
The Cayman Islands Thailand Indonesia
Saudi Arabia  Vietnam Trinidad
Malaysia India Tobago
Egypt Mauritius


Note that this may not be a complete list, so just make sure that you are aware of the customs and social mores of your destination prior to departure. 

Traveling with Sex Toys

You also need to be aware that these same countries, and possibly others, may ban various kinds of contraceptives. Again, just do your due diligence and bring a doctor’s note with you to cover medications and contraceptive device prescriptions just in case. 

Should you or your luggage get flagged at a border, travel experts state that you should always tell the truth. You can also request a private screen with a customs / TSA agent to keep the convo a bit more discreet. And if a situation should start to escalate to a fearful level, you have the right to demand to speak with someone from your country’s embassy. Which brings up another good point: make sure that you have these contact details readily available if you should ever need them.   

Traveling with Sex Toys in the United States

There are only two states in the US where you may want to think twice about traveling with sex toys. The first is Alabama. It’s not illegal per se to bring adult toys with you. However, since it is illegal to sell sex toys in the state (unless needed for unspecified "medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement" purposes) you may come in contact with a strict TSA or airline agent that will confiscate your item(s). 

The other state is Texas. In this southern destination more is not considered better. Currently, it is illegal to possess/own more than six vibrators.  

Sex Toys and BDSM Gear to Leave at Home

Now that we’ve covered international and US domestic travel restrictions, let’s go over a few item specifics when traveling to less strict destinations. For instance, anything that could be categorized as a weapon should be left at home. This could include stainless steel toys and some BDSM gear. Basically if in doubt, leave it at home. Or, just do so knowing that it might get confiscated. 

You can always check on the TSA website too to find out what you can bring. We did a search for “dildo” and came up aces for carry-on and checked bags under the category of “Toys (Adult).” To be on the safe side, however, you can always snap a picture of your toy(s) or other adult items if they are not listed and send them to AskTSA on their Facebook Messenger or Twitter. No need to be shy about it either.    

How to Pack Sex Toys for Travel

Most people do not want their “unmentionables” on public display if something in their carry-on item gets flagged. Just think how disconcerting it would be if your rabbit was pulled out and inspected in front of a group of strangers. Same goes if your body piercings, kegel balls, or butt plug set off an alarm. 

To help keep you from embarrassment and on track, review this step-by-step list of instructions on how to pack sex toys for travel.    

  • First, remove batteries and charging cords. (Remember, common household batteries are allowed in both carry on and checked baggage. Lithium batteries with 100 watt hours or less may be carried in a device in either carry-on or checked bags. Loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags.)
  • Second, remove any hidden body jewelry and internal devices prior to going through the airport security check. 
  • Third, plan on packing everything in checked luggage. If you don’t plan on checking any luggage, only bring small toys with you such as bullets / minis, small butt plugs, kegel balls / eggs, strokers, cock rings, etc. 
  • Fourth, seal your sex toys and BDSM / fetish gear in clear plastic baggies. Doing so will help protect them from coming into direct contact with anyone’s hands but your own.
  • Fifth, make sure that lube and toy cleaner are in containers sized 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or under. It’s important to note that even if your 6 ounce bottle of lube is more than half empty when you go to pack, it’s still a no-go.  
  • Lastly, place them in with your checked luggage cushioned between soft items in the middle of your luggage.  

Favorite Discreet Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

If you currently don’t own any smaller and more discreet travel-friendly sex toys, FunLove.com has you covered! Here are just a few of our staff favs. 

Rechargeable Hideaway Bullet

Rechargeable Hideaway bullet

We love this discreet three-inch mini massager not only for its size, but also because of the variety of features it offers. Easily fit it between your fingers and then run it through the 10 indulgent vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions for an hour of titillating pleasure. It even comes with its own travel case to allow you to discreetly slip it into your pocket or handbag once you reach your destination. You or your partner can then take full advantage of this little treasure whenever opportunity strikes.   


Fashionable Lipstick Vibrator

Hide and Play Rechargeable Lipstick

At first glance this deceptively stylish waterproof sensual companion may look like a sleek lipstick case. But, it definitely is not. Nope, it is indeed the discreet travel-loving Hide & Play Rechargeable Lipstick.

This perfect hide-in-plain-sight mini bullet massager has 10 powerful vibration functions that provide two hours of mind-blowing external stimulation. It also comes with an USB cable so that you can recharge and go without having to worry about packing batteries. 


Compact Prostate Massager

Compact Prostate Massager

Compact and sized just for travel, the Dr. Joel Kaplan Compact Prostate Massager features a smooth easy glide finish that is designed for ultimate contact.

The powerful vibrations are triggered by an EZ push button control.

It’s also waterproof, which means that the possibilities of enjoying this discreet traveling sex toy in a variety of locales is limited only by your imagination.

Requiring just 2 AAA batteries, we think it's well worth your consideration. 


Vibrating Bluetooth Cock Ring

Vibrating Bluetooth Cock Ring

The LOVENSE Diamo Vibrating Bluetooth Cock Ring offers multiple wearing possibilities for quiet private or public play. It’s discreet design helps maintain privacy if found in luggage, while its super strong vibrations target the perineum for an out of this world traveling experience.

We also love that this cock ring supports multiple platforms with the latest wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing for up close and personal or long range partner play and control. You can even wear it in the water. What’s more, it comes with an USB rechargeable cord so that you can plug and go as your travel permits. 


Kama Sutra The Weekender Kit

Kama Sutra The Weekender Kit

Last, but not least, what holiday trip away doesn’t need a bit of spontaneous romance? Choose one of these lovely petite Kama Sutra luxury kits that were designed to fit comfortably in a pocket, luggage, bag, or purse. Each discreet travel sex kit Includes kissable body treats, a sexy feather tickler, and erotic play cards.

The kits also come with a discreet black storage tin to hide away from the eyes of hotel housekeeping, friends that may drop by your room, and other possibly unknowns that you would like to keep from coming across your fun little secret kit. 

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