A Couple's Guide to Having Sex in the Water

From showers and baths to hot tubs and swimming pools, having sex in the water looks easy on television—and more importantly, super hot. But as you know if you’ve ever actually tried getting it on underwater, looks can be deceiving. If you’re not careful, things can get slippery (and not in a good way). 

However, just because your dry land sex moves don’t work in the shower doesn’t mean you can’t have mind-blowing sex in the water. You just might need to make a few adjustments—and of course, invest in some waterproof sex toys. With that, here are some tips for the best and wettest sex of your life, brought to you by the sexperts at FunLove.com.

Water Does Not Equal Lube

UberlubeBefore we dive in, let’s set some ground rules for having sex in any kind of wet environment. First and foremost: for the love of orgasms and all that’s holy, bring some lubricant. We know what you’re thinking—why would you need lube if you’re literally going to be surrounded by water? Although it may seem counterintuitive, choosing the right lube is essential to successful sex in the water. 


This is because although they may seem similar, natural lubricant made by the body and water are very different. In fact, water can actually have a drying effect by washing away your natural lubrication. To combat this, make sure you bring along a long-lasting silicone-based lube. (Although silicone lube is best for this kind of environment, note that it is more likely to break down sex toys made of silicone.)

Even if you’re not someone who normally needs lube to have comfortable sex, you may need it if you’re having sex underwater or in a shower. A lack of proper lubricant can lead to too much friction and even painful micro-abrasions, especially if you’re having sex in a chlorinated pool or salt water. Those same micro-abrasions can lead to a variety of infections, including an increased risk of STDs.

Another reason to use lube while having sex in the water? That same friction and dryness can also lead to condom* breakage. Stay away from oil-based lubes (which can damage condoms) or water-based lube (which won’t last very long if you’re submerged). 

*A note on safe sex: Although condoms will generally still work in the shower, there’s a very good chance of them slipping off entirely if you try to use them underwater. If you aren’t using another kind of birth control and aren’t in a monogamous sexual relationship, you may want to rethink sex in the water.

Get Creative With Sex Positions

Depending on the space you have to work with, you may need (or want) to get creative with how you have sex. Here are some tried and true sex positions you can try for each kind of wet environment.

Sex Positions for the Bathtub

sex in the bath tub

Bathtub sex might seem a little tricky if you’re not blessed with a roomy bathtub or if you or your partner are on the taller or larger side. If you’re keen on bathtub sex but your at-home bathtub is too narrow, consider this your excuse to book that luxury hotel room with the whirlpool spa for the weekend and go wild. Set the mood with some sensual candles and try these positions to take bathtime to a whole new level.

Cowgirl. Have your partner lean back in the tub and straddle them with your knees. Make sure you’re securely supported by holding onto the sides of the tub with your (dry!) hands. (Try reverse cowgirl for more leverage.) Be sure not to fill the bathtub too full, because there’s bound to be a lot of splashing going on here. 

Doggy Style. Okay, it’s not quite doggy style and it’s not entirely in the bathtub, but sometimes you just have to improvise. One partner can lean over the side or the end of the tub while the other partner enters from behind. This is a great opportunity to try that new strapless strap-on you just got.

Lotus. If your bathtub is wide enough, the lotus position can be quite intimate and romantic. Face each other, sit on their lap, and wrap your legs around their body. You’ll be feeling the motion of the ocean in no time.

Pro Tip: invest in an anti-slip bath mat to prevent any unwanted slipping and sliding.

Sex Positions for the Shower

sex in the shower

If there’s one thing porn has given us, it’s unrealistic expectations for shower sex. The truth is, successful shower sex takes patience, balance, and some dedication. But with a little practice and these smooth moves, we know you’ll get there.

Standing Doggy Style. Both partners keep both feet on the ground in this position, which reduces the risk of falling. One partner presses their palms on the shower wall while leaning forward, knees slightly bent. The other partner penetrates them from behind using their penis, fingers, or a waterproof dildo, or other implement of choice.

One Leg Up. For this position, the standing partner puts their foot on the side of the tub (works best if you have a shower-tub combo). The other partner can get down on their knees and in between their legs for some steamy oral sex. You can turn this position into a penetrative one by having your partner stand behind you while your leg is propped up on the shower.

Wrap Around. For more intimate shower sex, try this position. One partner leans their back against the shower wall and lifts one leg up, wrapping it around their partner’s hip as the other partner penetrates them. You might need to practice a little to balance on one leg, but the wall behind you will also help prop you up. Try using a waterproof vibrating cock ring for some extra sensation.

Sex Positions for the Pool

sex in the pool

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a private pool, the orgasmic possibilities are almost endless thanks to buoyancy. Try some of these daring new positions and see what floats your boat.

Flotation Device. Lay your stomach down on an inflatable pool raft with your legs off the edge, in the water. Have your partner stand between your legs, grab your hips and penetrate you from behind. You can use the pool raft to glide back and forth in response to their thrusts.

Submarine. This one requires a pool with stairs. Have your partner sit on the first or second step, with you lying on your back atop their thighs. Lift your knees under their underarms for some grip and hold onto their calves in the water to help you stay in place. Your partner can also hold onto your hips while they thrust for more stability. Just be sure to keep your head above water. 

On the Edge. Start by crossing your arms and resting them on the pool’s edge. Have your partner come up behind you as you stick out your butt until your body makes a right angle while keeping your legs apart. They can hang on to the edge of the pool while their legs rest between yours (you can both brace your feet against the pool wall) and voilà—your bodies will fit together perfectly and weightlessly.

Sex Positions for the Hot Tub

Is there anything sexier than stepping into your own hot tub with your boo? The powerful jets, steamy hot water, all those bubbles...Make your sex in the water even hotter with these moves*.

*A note on safety: hot tubs are, needless to say, HOT. Intense sex in the water can (especially if you’re also drinking alcohol) lead to dehydration and increased body temps. Consider turning down the water temperature to prevent overheating and limit how much time you spend in the hot tub. In addition, hot tubs may increase the risk of UTIs for some people with vaginas. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to infections, you may want to save doing the deed for after your hot tub soak. 

sex in the water

Standing Up. Protect your nether regions by keeping the main event above water. Use the hot tub seat or bench to prop up one foot for a face to face makeout sesh, handjob, blowjob, or some good old-fashioned penetrative sex. You stay partially submerged in the relaxing hot water while your sensitive bits don’t get exposed to any chemicals. For even more sensation, consider adding some waterproof nipple clamps for a full-body experience.

Underwater Handjob. While underwater penetrative sex may not be the best for vaginas, you can basically go to town on the penis underwater. Have your partner lean back on the steps and let the pleasure wash over them. You can turn up the intensity by using a fully-submersible male masturbator.

Jet Off. Hot tub jets can be an untapped gold mine of sexual pleasure for men and women alike. As long as the jets aren’t too hot and the water pressure isn’t too high, this can act as a built-in sex toy in your jacuzzi. Experiment with vibrating sensations on all your erogenous zones for spine-tingling results.

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