Best Sex Swing Positions

At the end of last year, we urged our FunLove family to try something new by swinging into the new year with a sex swing. This lovemaking accessory is one of our favorites and many of our customers swear that it’s life changing. If you’re new to sex swings or still on the fence about trying them, here’s a list of some of the best sex swing positions for you and your partner to try. Whether you’re looking for something that gives you more stability, allows you to use more force, or lets you experience a mid-air orgasm, these positions illustrate the amazing possibilities that sex swings allow.

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Floating Cowgirl

Whether you’re on top or on the bottom, cowgirl is one of most popular sex positions among FunLove fans. Riders love the control and clitoral stimulation, while those being ridden love the view and feeling dominated. Unfortunately, cowgirl isn’t always feasible for people with bad knees or ankles.

This is where a sex swing comes in. The floating cowgirl allows the person on top to experience all the pleasure and control of the cowgirl position, but without the stress to leg joints. The person on the bottom lies down on the floor, while the rider goes on top with their arms and thighs strapped into the swing.

By using your arms and the swing for support, you can ride all night long without putting excess pressure on your ankles or knees. If you’re looking to mix things up, the reverse floating cowgirl gives your partner a great view of your backside while giving you a different type of sensation.

The Diagonal Worm

This position is performed on an angle that’s in between lying down and standing up. The person penetrating sits on the swing at an angle, with their legs inserted into the harness. Their partner straddles them and holds onto the swing straps for support and to create momentum, if desired.

Although this position resembles cowgirl, the motion is very different. Instead of in-and-out thrusting, the focus is on undulating and grinding. It’s a much slower and more deliberate lovemaking style. Many FunLove customers claim that this is one of the best sex swing positions because the slow and intense grinding leads to explosive orgasms. What’s really cool is that this position and style works well for all sorts of females, whether they typically achieve climax clitorally or vaginally.

Mid-Air Missionary

While some people find plain old missionary position boring, a sex swing can make it exciting and unique. Using a swing for mid-air missionary has the person being penetrated strapped into the swing and lying back, completely off of the ground. The person doing penetration is standing and can use the swing for additional support.

Like standard missionary position, mid-air missionary allows for deep penetration and easy use of sex toys. The swing gives the receiver a unique sensation of weightlessness, while the person penetrating can thrust harder and have more control over their partner’s body. FunLove customers claim that having an orgasm during mid-air missionary is a singular experience that’s immensely pleasurable.

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Flying Doggy Style

Similar to the position above, flying doggy style takes a common sex position and gives it an extremely unique twist through the use of a sex swing. In this position, the person receiving uses the bottom harnesses around their ankles while the other straps support their abdominal area. The person penetrating stands behind them while using the straps for support and to enhance thrusting power.

Like traditional doggy style, the person receiving gets easier G-spot stimulation and easy use of toys for clitoral stimulation. The swing allows for the unique and pleasurable sensation of a “weightless” orgasm. Meanwhile, the person thrusting gets a great view, is allowed additional body control, and can use the straps for additional force, if desired.

Weightless Oral

Sex swings aren’t just for penetrative sex. They’re absolutely brilliant for oral sex too. Whether the person lying in the swing has a penis or a vagina, a sex swing takes receiving oral to a different level. Sure, it’s great lying back in a fluffy bed while you’re being pleasured, but some FunLove customers claim that it’s nothing compared to getting head while floating in the air.

Furthermore, swing harnesses allow your partner all kinds of access to your body. Certain areas you’d like stimulated may not be accessible if you’re on a bed, but are easy for your partner to get to while you’re in a swing.

Enjoy the Best Sex Swing Position With FunLove

FunLove hopes that this blog has given you some insight into what makes sex swings so much fun to use. Whether it’s cowgirl, missionary, or oral, swings allow you to achieve unique positions and sensations. The only limit is your imagination.

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