Best Remote Control Vibrating Panties (+ Why You Should Want One)

We love a good vibrator, just like anyone. But, we also love trying new versions of this classic toy. Upgrade your vibration play with remote control vibrating panties. A small panty vibrator with remote can amp up your sexual exploration, even outside of the bedroom. 

Find all kinds of wireless remote control panties at FunLove. We have an extensive collection of remote controlled panties, in a variety of styles and colors. We also have remote controlled vibrating bullets, and some that come with a wearable remote. Browse our offerings and choose your next toy today.

Why Get a Wearable Panty Vibrator?

If you’re a connoisseur of vibrators, you may not be in the market for something different. After all, vibrators do great work taking care of consistent stimulation. However, many people love wearable vibrators for reasons that the traditional vibrator cannot offer. 

  1. Your hands are free to do other *ahem* things. 
  2. Use this as an opportunity during solo private play to explore other parts of your body. 
  3. Or, take it out in public for a night on the town. You can also use it during a regular day-to-day errand. Accelerating your speed or vibration will be as easy as reaching into your purse. (Remember, it’s very important to find a quiet vibrator.
  4. Wearable panty vibrators are not just about solo play. Your partner will love it, too. Have them get it situated for you, and enjoy the vibrations while doing other tasks. Many women need this stimulation to orgasm, and at the very least it will intensify your pleasure.
  5. The wearable panty vibrator is also a flirty, kinky addition to a date with your honey. Your partner will love seeing you squirm while at the bar, and it makes for great foreplay. Using one may even lead to a quickie before making it home.
  6. Enjoying yourself in public alone may be empowering to you. In the same way, literally handing over control to your partner will also achieve new sexual fulfillment. 

Have we convinced you yet? If not, hearing about these options will.

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1. Remote Control Lace Panty

Our first choice includes a very discreet vibrator with 12 different vibrations to enjoy. It’s black, lacy look is extremely sexy, and includes a pocket to hide the stimulator. The simulator will form to your body, enabling you to be both comfortable and pleasured. 

2. Magnetic Clip Clit Vibrator

This tiny option attaches to your favorite pair of panties with a magnetic clip. This way, you can wear whatever panties make you feel the best- and the most sensual. You also won’t have to worry about any noise with this vibrator, as it is extremely quiet. Lastly, this vibrator is waterproof, so you can enjoy your playtime in the bathtub, hot tub, or shower.

3. Wearable Vibrator and Wearable Remote

This vibrator has many of the features of the one listed above, with one super-secret addition. The remote is wearable, too. In fact, the remote comes with detachable wristbands that allow you to interchange the face with an Apple watch. Yes, this means that your partner doesn’t even have to keep the remote in his pocket, or switch watches for the evening. With such discreet fun, James Bond will be wishing he had one.

Find Your Remote Control Vibrating Panties at FunLove

Of course, there are hundreds of other varieties of this sneaky toy to choose from. Some versions have a dildo attached for more extreme pleasure. Also, some remote controlled vibrators are designed for males, too. Take a look at our extensive stock, and order today. You’ll have free delivery on orders of over $89, and your product will come in discreet packaging. 

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