Adult Toys for Chests and Breasts

Some people like big butts. Others are fascinated with plump lips and wide smiles. At, we like all the body parts. But for today, we’re going to focus on breasts, pecs, and nipples. More specifically, sharing all the fun you can have using adult toys for chest and breasts on yourself or a partner to enhance sexual sensations of this erogenous zone.   

What Is Nipple Play?

Nipple play isn’t just about stimulating the hundreds of nerve endings in our nips. It also includes paying special attention to the entire breast and pecs of females and males. Stimulating this erogenous zone can be a tantalizing form of foreplay, or a titillating way to increase arousal and bring on an orgasm. 

Based on comfort and sensitivity levels, we suggest that you experiment with varying degrees of pressure, vibration, and other sexual techniques, devices, and stimulants during nipple play. Here are our top five adult toys and stimulants we think beginners and more seasoned sexual explorers will enjoy bringing into the mix.

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Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps allow you to enjoy hands-free, customizable nipple pressure. So, if you enjoy having your nipples tweaked or squeezed, you can still enjoy nipple play during moments of self-love. Or, clamp them on and free up your partner’s hands and mouth to roam and tantalize your body in other ways. 

Depending on your personal preferences, you can also use ones that are weighted, vibrate, or that have different settings that can be controlled by a remote control.

Pump It Up offers a variety of nipple pumps and suckers that are great for increasing sensitivity to this erogenous zone on both men and women. They latch on like a mouth to bring blood flow to one erect point, and then can be removed to create a gushing-sensation.

Nipple Chains

To chain or not to chain? Chains can be short and hang from nipple clamps to create a pulling sensation when gently tugged. A chain can also be longer in length so that it connects to a clit clamp or O-ring gag for those who enjoy a bit of extra kinky sex play. 


Sensory Play

Electroshock nipple suckers, feather ticklers, chilled glass wands, melted candle wax, and ice cubes are all examples of adult toys and products that can be used to stimulate and arouse the senses, as well as the nerve endings in pecs, breasts, and nipples. And the best thing about sensory play is that you can mix and match what you use and do to go from one extreme to the next, or just keep it simple. Whatever you chose, it’s a sure fire way to take your sex play up a notch.

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Nipple Gels, Balms, & Creams

Just like other sensitive areas, nipples need a bit of TLC to reduce chafing and friction during adult extracurricular activities. Lubes, gels, balms, and creams not only enhance pleasure and increase sensitivity, they also reduce the chance of experiencing an unpleasurable side effect. 

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