Four Reasons Why You Should Wear Crotchless Panties

Most people have probably heard of crotchless panties, but some aren’t sure why they’re appealing. If you don’t get what all the fuss is about, don’t worry– is here for you. Today we’ll explain what crotchless underwear is and why people enjoy it. Some of the reasons are straightforward, while others may surprise you.

Before we get into the reasons why crotchless underwear can be so amazing, let’s explain what they are first. Simply put, they are undergarments with an opening around the vagina. Some models, like Shirley of Hollywood’s Scalloped Panty, are totally open, with nothing covering the vagina at all. Oh La La offers panties with a decorative pearl clasp, which can be physically and visually stimulating.

Now that you have a better idea of what crotchless undergarments are about, let’s get into the reasons why FunLove customers love them so much.

Crotchless Panties Offer Easy Access

The most obvious appeal of crotchless undergarments is that they offer easy access to the vagina. This is especially appealing for people with limited time or couples looking to have quickie sex. When every second counts, you don’t want to waste time by having to take off (and put back on) your underwear. When you want to have penetrative sex as soon as possible, crotchless underwear is your friend.

Crotchless Underwear Also Offers Comfort and Protection

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, if I wanted to offer my partner easy access then I’d just go commando.” That’s certainly a valid point, but some people aren’t comfortable going without underwear. In some cases, their clothing makes going commando problematic, while others just don’t like the feeling. Crotchless panties offer easy access and a feeling of freedom, while being comfortable and protective. For some people, they really are the best of both worlds.

Crotchless Panties Are Great For Visual Stimulation

Mixing things up in the bedroom (or any other room you’re having sex in) is a great way to keep things exciting and fresh. One of the simplest ways to change things up is with clothing. If you normally have sex while completely naked then give your partner some new visual stimulation with sexy lingerie. Best of all, crotchless undergarments aren’t limited to panties. FunLove has all sorts of lingerie with crotchless designs, from underwear to teddies to pantyhose.

You can surprise your lover with something like the Rene Rofe Animal Crotchless Bodystocking, for example. If your partner finds bodystockings a turnon then just wait until they discover that the one you’re wearing is crotchless. Fireworks in the bedroom are practically guaranteed!

Guys Can Wear Them Too

Some couples enjoy wearing each other’s underwear. For some men, traditional panties can be uncomfortable and overly restrictive. FunLove has many male customers that swear by crotchless panties. 

Depending on the design of the panty, as well as the size and shape of the man’s penis, crotchless panties can be amazing for men. Some men enjoy crotchless underwear for the same reasons that women do–easy access, feeling free and supported at the same time, etc.--but with the added kink of wearing female underwear.

Looking for Crotchless Panties?

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