5 Ways to Get Lucky This St. Patrick's Day

Where will you be this St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you’re drinking whiskey at the pub or spending the day at home with your partner, we could all use a little “luck of the Irish.” Check out our FunLove guide for five ways to get lucky this year—no trip to the Blarney Stone required.

#1: Drown the Shamrock

Legend has it that putting a clover at the bottom of a glass of Irish whiskey is one of many ways to get lucky. Traditionally, the drowning of the shamrock takes place at the end of the night’s festivities. Dunk the shamrock into your nightcap, make a toast to Saint Patrick, and toss that soggy clover over your left shoulder. If you’re lucky, you just might find someone to take home by last call.

#2: Try These St. Paddy’s Day Pickup Lines

In general, pickup lines get a pretty bad rap. And while it’s true that they can be a bit inherently cringey, a tongue-in-cheek zinger can be a great way to make your crush laugh. If you’re looking for ways to get lucky on St. Patrick’s Day, keep a few of these so-bad-they’re-good pickup lines up your sleeve—although maybe save them for once you’ve already started flirting if you don’t want a pint of Guinness thrown in your face.

  • If the person you’re interested in mentions you’re not wearing green, tell them they’re not looking hard enough.
  • Is that a leprechaun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Come over to my place and I’ll show you me Lucky Charms.
  • You look magically delicious, and I just happen to be a cereal lover.
  • I'm Dublin my efforts to get you to go out with me.

#3: Wear Green...Or Don’t

ways to get lucky

On the one hand, donning something green for St. Patrick’s Day may bring you some extra luck. Wearing green clothing on March 17 has become ubiquitous, but in actuality the celebrated St. Patrick was originally depicted in dark blue. Over time, that color shifted towards green for a variety of reasons: Ireland’s verdant landscape, its flag colors, and of course St. Patrick’s association with shamrocks.

You can be a bit more subtle with this tradition by wearing something green where most people won’t see it. Try on some green socks, undies, or lingerie under your non-green clothes. It’s up to you whether you let your partner or love interest in on the secret or let yourself get pinched (or spanked, or handcuffed, or...well, you get the picture).

Not planning on wearing anything on St. Patrick’s Day? Throw on some green pasties for an...ahem, minimalistic look.

#4: Irish Stream and Chill

If you’re looking for a lowkey way to spend St. Patrick’s Day with your FWB, why not live stream and chill with some Irish movies or television shows? Get them laughing with Netflix bingeable series like Derry Girls or the endlessly quotable comedy film The Young Offenders. Alternatively, turn up the passion with the not-Irish-but-set-in-Ireland romcom Leap Year— or create a snuggle fest by binge watching the Leprechaun movie collection on Amazon Prime. We’re not here to judge.

#5: Find Your Pot of Gold with New Sex Positions

Okay, we can’t say that St. Patrick would necessarily approve of having these sex positions associated with his name, but to be fair this fifth-century Christian missionary probably also wouldn’t be so keen on all the drunken shenanigans that happen on his feast day, either. So we’re just gonna roll with it.

If things are getting a little boring in the bedroom or you just want to impress the hottie you brought home from the bar, try one of these sex positions. Think of them not necessarily as ways to get lucky, but rather a way to ensure that you’ll get lucky again and again.

  • Get lucky
    The Shamrock Shake. This variation on the reverse cowgirl position gives your partner an excellent view of your backside and gives the person on top total control. Just straddle your partner backwards, lower yourself onto their penis or strap-on, and shake that shamrock. For extra clit stimulation, you can use your hands, a vibrator, or lower your body and hold yourself up with your hands beside their legs to get some grinding action going.
  • The Blarney Stone. It turns out that kissing the Blarney Stone requires a little bit of contortion to do in real life. Visitors have to lie down and lean backwards while holding onto a set of handrails while hanging over a tall tower in order to kiss the stone and receive the gift of gab. To do it in the bedroom, try lying on your back with your head against the edge of the bed. Your partner (i.e., the very lucky Blarney Stone) stands in front of you and receives the gift of oral pleasure.
  • The Four Leaf Clover. Your collection of sex toys will be green with envy at what you can do with just your hands and this sex position. First, have your partner lie on their back in a comfy position. Then, situate yourself between their legs for easy access. Use your thumbs to press against the top wall of the vagina, slide your index fingers on either side of the clit, and move your hands up and down for dual stimulation. With moves like these, you just might be your partner’s lucky charm.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from FunLove.com

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