5 Sexy New Year's Resolutions For Couples

It’s that time of year again—time to take stock of everything you’ve accomplished in 2020 and decide what your goals are for 2021. While New Year’s resolutions are often personal and individual, New Year’s resolutions for couples are also starting to catch on. From working out together to saving up to buy a home, there’s plenty of goals you can reach with your partner at your side. Take “couple goals” to new heights this year with these five sexy New Year’s resolutions from FunLove.com.

#1: Ask For What You Want

If you’re in a committed relationship, there’s no good reason why you both shouldn’t be having a good time in bed. This year, resolve to ask for what you want. If you always wait for your partner to initiate sex, practice communicating when you’re in the mood. It might be as subtle as a seductive glance over your shoulder, or you may need to spell it out for them with these naughty greeting cards.

Asking for what you want can also mean getting honest with your partner—after all, life is too short to be faking orgasms. If they don’t know how to please you, show them what you like. Guide their hand, mouth, etc. in the right direction, or make it a movie night and watch your favorite adult films together. Bottom line: don’t be afraid to be vocal with the one you love. Having open lines of communication is a healthy and important part of any sexual relationship.

#2: Learn More About Each Other’s Bodies

new year's resolutions for couples

Each body, regardless of sex or gender, is different. We all have different turn-ons, sensitivities, and pleasure responses. One great New Year’s resolution for couples is to spend some time learning about you and your partner’s bodies. You could check out one of many sex books written on the subject of human biology and sexuality, for example. 

You could also take a more hands-on approach. Whether you’ve been hooking up for a few weeks or been married for years, you might be surprised what you can learn about your partner by slowing down and asking the right questions. Incorporating elements of massage, including oils, candles, lotion, and tools can also help you get to know each other’s bodies better. 

#3: Out With the Old and In With The New

We’re not saying you should throw out your time-tested moves, techniques, or sex toys, but it pays to try something new every once in and while. Keep your sex life from getting too stale or predictable by adding (or even removing) different elements from your roster.

It doesn’t have to be anything revolutionary (unless that’s what you’re after). If you usually have sex in the dark, try getting it on with the lights on (or vice versa). Mix up your routine with romance games like erotic dice, sexy truth or dare, or strip poker, try a new sex position, or invest in some high-quality (or even edible) lingerie.

Read more on how to spice up your love life with our Beginner’s Guide to Kink Play and recommendations for the Best Beginner Anal Sex Toys.

#4: Act Out Your Wildest Fantasy

sexy New Year's resolutions

Sexual fantasies are exceedingly common, but the stigma surrounding them has kept some couples from letting each other in on their secret turn-ons. Acting out your sexual fantasies can be an excellent way to explore your sexuality, build trust with your partner, and of course, have better sex. When it comes to New Year’s Eve resolutions for couples, this one is good for your sexual health, too—sexual fantasies can even be used in sex therapy to reduce performance anxiety for men and women alike.

As long as you’re practicing safe, consensual sex with healthy boundaries in place, acting out your sexual fantasy could be as vanilla as dressing up in student-teacher or nurse-patient roleplay costumes or as kinky as whips and chains. The choice is all yours.

#5: Practice Pleasurable, Safe Sex

Good sex should be fun and safe for all parties involved. Even couples in committed monogamous relationships should have a safe sex plan, including protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. Be sure to include using body-safe condoms or other forms of protection as part of your New Year’s resolutions for couples.

Safe sex also includes taking care of your body. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new supplements and be sure to pick intimate cleansing products that are kind to your skin.

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