How to Safely Heat and Cool Sex Toys

Last month, told you about the wonders of temperature play. Hopefully you’re intrigued by the pleasures that come with heating up or cooling down your sex toys. But before you get started, we’d like to make sure that you learn how to safely heat and cool sex toys. After all, having your most sensitive parts of your body subjected to temperatures that are too cold or too hot can be disastrous. Here are some tips on how to safely get ready for temperature play.

Choose Your Materials Wisely

Glass and metal sex toys are often a better choice for sex play. They retain temperature better and the materials are more stable. While thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are a fantastic choice for sex toys used at room temperature, you have to be more careful with temperature extremes. If TPE toys get too hot, they can melt. If they get too cold, they can crack. Either way, you don’t want melted or chipped plastic entering your body.

Never Use a Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have become so ubiquitous that they’re often the first and sometimes only appliance people think of for heating things up quickly. Using one for a sex toy is a bad idea. Microwave ovens work by agitating the water molecules in food to generate heat. They do not work on glass or metal outside of any surface moisture. Naturally, your sex toy will likely have scant amounts of surface moisture that will heat up your toy, albeit very unevenly. Using a sex toy with hot spots can be jarring and unpleasant.

Use a Bowl and Hot Water

To safely heat your sex toys, we recommend using a bowl and some hot water. You can use boiling water, but temperatures just below boiling point are safer. Do not continue to heat the bowl after you sex toy has been placed in it. After a few minutes in hot water, your toy will be ready for some temperature play fun.

Do Not Leave Sex Toys in a Freezer

While using a freezer is guaranteed to cool down your sex toy, it can be unsafe. The biggest issue is that air is circulated throughout your freezer. This can cause your sex toy to pick up some debris that can be too small to notice with your eye, but large enough to cause internal abrasions or worse. While chilling sensations can be immensely pleasurable, internal tissue damage is most definitely not.

Use a Bowl, Water, and Some Ice Cubes

To safely cool your sex toys, we recommend using a bowl, cool water, and a few ice cubes. This will get your toy nice and cool, as well as safe from any foreign particles. Best of all, it’s much easier to control the temperature this way. If things aren’t cold enough for your liking then simply add a few more ice cubes.

Cleanliness is a Must

Happy Rabbit Sex Toy Storage has already gone over the importance of cleaning your sex toys. This is especially important for temperature play. You have to make sure that everything your sex toy comes into contact with is clean. It might sound like common sense, but to safely heat and cool sex toys you must make sure that everything is clean. This includes the bowl, water, kettle or pot used to heat water, and ice cubes. Naturally, you should use a sex toy cleaner after every use and store your sex toys properly.

(Temperature) Play Safe with hopes that you give temperature play a chance and make it a more regular activity. It’s a brilliant way to experience new sensations with the sex toys that you already have. We hope that you give it a try and remember that temperature play starts with knowing how to safely heat and cool sex toys.

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