P-Spot Orgasm vs. Penile Orgasms

Women can experience multiple types of orgasms from G-spot, anal, clitoral, nipple, and blended. Men can have different types of orgasms as well—some men can even have nipple orgasms. Anyone can tell you the standard penile orgasm is fantastic—who doesn’t love an orgasm! However, the P-spot orgasm, or the prostate orgasm, can take men’s sexual pleasure to new heights. 

In this blog, FunLove will review the differences between your standard penile orgasm and a P-spot orgasm, as well as some tips and techniques to reach both. We’ll also review a few other types of male orgasms and give some tips on how to achieve a P-spot orgasm. 

Penile and Other Types of Male Orgasms

This is your classic male orgasm that is achieved by any kind of stimulation to the penis, which results in ejaculation. While an orgasm is an orgasm and they all feel great, the difference between a penile orgasm and a prostate orgasm is how you get to the big finish. Men can reach a good ol’ fashioned orgasm by masturbating, receiving oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, using a sex toy or any other way that gets you off, like via erogenous zones

Like women, men can have blended orgasms, or an orgasm from stimulating multiple parts of the body. For example, an orgasm from a prostate massager or from pegging during penetrative sex. Men can also experience a dry orgasm or a non-ejaculatory orgasm. This is when men have orgasms but do not ejaculate. These are usually not a cause for alarm but can hinder fertility. Dry orgasms can be just as pleasurable as ejaculatory orgasms. 

P-Spot Orgasm 

The prostate is referred to as the “male G-spot” but it is much easier to locate than the female counterpart. Similar to the clitoris, the prostate possesses a network of nerves that, when stimulated, lead to heightened sexual pleasure. The P-spot is actually located in the rectum and can be touched both internally and externally. 

You can find the prostate internally about two inches inside the rectum. To locate it, use a finger or a toy inside the rectum and point upwards to stimulate the prostate internally. For external stimulation, press up on the perineum. Having trouble finding it? Wait until your partner is thoroughly aroused as the prostate, which is the organ responsible for seminal fluid, swells and enlarges. 

The prostate is a soft, fleshy area towards the back of the rectum. While you might not be able to feel it at first, men claim that touching it at first feels like they need to urinate. The feeling then passes and then it’s on to mind blowing orgasms that men can’t achieve from penile stimulation alone. 

Remember that both external and internal prostate stimulation can bring on powerful orgasms. So whichever way (or both) you want to experiment with can lead to the same result. 

To have a P-spot orgasm, the prostate must be simulated. Prostate orgasms do result in ejaculation as well, but one study found that prostate orgasms are much more pleasurable than penile orgasms but result in smaller amounts of semen. 

Prostate Orgasm Tips 

If you want to try having a prostate orgasm or are curious about how to start exploring the P-spot, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

  • Discuss it with your partner: Like everything else in the bedroom, prostate play isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Before engaging in prostate stimulation, make sure your partner is interested first. Start with discussing different ways to sexually stimulate the area like massage, anal rimming, toys, penetration, etc. Make sure you know what your partner wants (and doesn’t) before exploring his P-spot. Ask him if he wants internal or external stimulation. 
  • Hygiene: Since this involves the rectum, you’ll want to keep the area clean. Make sure your partner showers and uses a douche before there’s any action. 
  • Lube, lube, and more lube: This area is not self-lubricating, so you’ll want to invest in a quality lube. Make sure it is an anal lubricant and not a vaginal lubricant. Anal lube is much thicker and results in less friction and possible irritation. 
  • Relax and have fun: Engaging in a new sexual practice with a trusted partner is both a fun way to explore your sexuality together and a great way to strengthen your relationship.

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