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June is not just for Father’s Day celebrations. The whole month has become a national observance dedicated to increasing awareness about men’s health and how to help men live long, happy, and robust lives. At, we are all about showing love to the men in our lives. We are also strong believers in helping broaden perceptions regarding the health benefits of sex toys, enhancements, and pheromones

Happy Endings Do Come True with a Prostate Massager

Age, genetics, and lifestyle choices all play a role in prostate size and health. And when it comes to your prostate, bigger is not better. An enlarged prostate will put the squeeze on your urethra blocking urine flow, and could also contribute to bladder, urinary tract, or kidney problems. 

Thankfully, prostate massage can result in a happy ending to potentially distressing circumstances. For instance, prostate massage done properly can relieve tension and help relax the muscles in your prostate area by inducing a mind-blowing prostate orgasm that flushes out any stagnant fluid. Prostate massage can also improve blood circulation, and reduce unpleasant symptoms of anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Intrigue Discovery Vibrating Prostate Massager

The Intrigue Discovery Vibrating Prostate Massager is a handy toy designed to provide euphoric results. Priced at just $29.99, this silky smooth prostate massager slips in easily with plenty of lube and has 10 powerful speeds and pulsations to surround your prostate with pleasure.

This phthalate and latex free toy is fully rechargeable and completely water submersible and cleans up easily with toy cleaner and hot water rinse. 

Reduce Hand Fatigue with Male Masturbator Toys 

Medical studies have suggested that masturbation may decrease the risk of prostate cancer, relieve stress, boost confidence, and assist with insomnia and restlessness. Knowing the health benefits, who wouldn’t want to explore alternative options to achieve ultimate satisfaction?

Zolo Heat Stroker

When you simply want to improve on a good thing, have a partner who is unable to assist, or suffer from manual dexterity problems, a male masturbator toy makes a world of difference.

The ZOLO Heat Stroker is a convenient, discreet, and easy to use male masturbator with a warming element that mimics a more realistic sexual experience. The super soft opening, tight sheath, and patented pulsating technology will further enhance your pleasure. Lube and recharge as needed.

Enhancement Benefits of Pheromones

Do pheromones actually enhance a persons sex appeal? That is debatable. However, those in the world of fragrance have a pulse on how scents may magnify a males natural musky, masculine allure. And when you feel sexier, your self-esteem usually elevates along with a general sense of well-being. 

Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne

Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne offers an irresistible scent that comes in a pocketable one-ounce bottle. Formulated to “inspire desire,” this fragrance features a distinctive blend of crisp bergamot, sparkling citrus, and earthy undertones of vanilla-infused cedarwood. The pheromones in this cologne react to the pH balance of your skin, creating a unique scent depending on whether your skin is more acidic or alkaline. Whatever the case may be, FunLove customers claim that it drives their partners wild.

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