Oral Sex Techniques That Will Blow Their Mind

Oral sex is commonly regarded as a kind of foreplay—that is, a warmup to the main sexual event. But if you’re rushing through oral sex to get to the good stuff, you just might be missing out on a whole lot of pleasure. Not only can oral sex make sex last longer, but it’s also a great way to increase intimacy between romantic partners. (After all, is there anything more intimate than someone’s face in your nether regions?) If you’re ready to take your oral sex game to the next level, FunLove.com has you covered with these oral sex techniques that will blow your partner’s mind.

Oral Sex Techniques for People Who Have a Penis

Needless to say, giving oral sex can be a radically different experience depending on whether your partner has a vulva or a penis. Giving oral sex to someone with a penis is often called a blow job, or fellatio. There are lots of different ways to give a blow job, and each individual is unique in what they find the most pleasurable. 

A surefire way to find out what kind of oral sex your partner likes is to simply ask them. Maybe they like it slow and sensual, or perhaps they are turned on by edging or teasing. If they’re not sure what they like or are trying to mix things up, try some of these oral sex techniques.

First Things First: Lube Up

oral sex techniques

You don’t have to use lubricant to give an amazing blow job, but many people find that lube can enhance the experience for both partners by keeping things...well, lubricated. Saliva will definitely get the job done, but using lube can keep you from getting too parched. Flavored lube is also a great way to make your partner taste irresistible. 

Eye Contact, Eye Contact, Eye Contact

Fellatio is already a pretty intimate act, but making eye contact while you go down on them can make you both feel even closer and let them know you’re super into pleasuring them. Don’t feel like you can’t blink or look down every now and then to focus on the task at hand, but making eye contact throughout your BJ sesh is good practice.

Use Your Hands Too

Obviously the focus of oral sex is what you do with your mouth, but what you do with the rest of your body matters, too. Using your hands can be quite effective, especially if you’re not into deep-throating or just have a sensitive gag reflex. Try wrapping your hands around the base of your partner’s penis and moving it up and down in tandem with your mouth to really drive them wild. Pay special attention to the often-overlooked frenulum, meatus, and the space between the testicles and the base of the penis.

Don’t Forget the Balls

Speaking of using your hands, pay special attention to your partner’s balls. You can stimulate the testicles manually while simultaneously giving them oral pleasure or lick and tease the balls with your tongue instead. If you’re using your hand, try gently pulling or giving them a light squeeze for starters. You can also roll them in your hands (sort of like a pair of dice), stroke at a downward angle, or try some playful tapping as you give your partner head. 

Stimulate Other Erogenous Zones

The cock and balls are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to erogenous zones. Put your multitasking skills to the test with this oral sex technique by stimulating your partner’s other erogenous zones while you give them a blow job. You can try caressing or twisting their nipples, for one, or oiling them up for a massage that’s both relaxing and stimulating. Focus on the area below their belly button and their thigh and pelvic region to really draw out the experience and get them super turned on. Other areas you may want to experiment with include the perineum and butt. Grab their hips and pull them toward you, or just give their cheeks a good squeeze (or slap).

Experiment With Warm and Cool Sensations


oral sex techniques
Temperature play can be a really fun way to take your oral sex game to the next level. This can be as easy as eating a popsicle before you go down on them or putting an ice cube in your mouth during oral sex. For warmer sensations, try drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee before sexy time. Of course, taking a time out to run to the freezer might put a damper on the mood, so you can always use warming or cooling stimulants for increased arousal and sensation without having to put the kettle on.


Up the Ante With Sex Toys

At FunLove.com, we’re big believers in the ability of sex toys to increase sexual pleasure and satisfaction between couples. When it comes to giving a mind-blowing blow job, there are several implements which can take things to a whole new level. Cock rings, for example (either the vibrating or non-vibrating variety) can be used in a couple different ways to increase and prolong sensation. You can have your partner wear the cock ring at the base of their penis while you go down on them, or you can also use a flexible cock ring as a wearable tongue vibrator. Throw in some anal sex toys for additional posterior pleasure. 

Oral Sex Techniques for People Who Have a Vulva

Giving oral sex to a partner who has a vulva is often referred to as cunnilingus. As with those who have a penis, the best way to find out what stimulates your partner is to ask them directly. You can even have them show you what feels good if you’re having trouble. For many, the focus of cunnilingus is primarily the super-sensitive clitoris, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t stimulate the rest of the vulva during oral sex, too. To start, try these oral sex techniques.

Remember that many of the oral sex techniques for blow jobs described above can be applied to cunnilingus, too, like using lube, warming and cooling stimulants, and making eye contact. Experiment a bit to see what your partner enjoys!

Start With Their Underwear On

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Because the clitoris is so sensitive, it’s sometimes good to start out nice and slow when you’re giving your partner oral sex. One way to do this is to start with their underwear still on. Lightly stroke or lick your partner’s vulva or clit through the fabric, or even just use your breath to warm up the entire area without quite making contact. 

Practice Your ABCs

No mnemonic device to memorize here—all you need to know is the alphabet. Consistency is great when you really hit the spot, but switching things up is important too. To keep cunnilingus from getting too repetitive, try writing the entire alphabet from A to Z around their clit. If letters don’t work, you can always try numbers (the figure 8 is actually more of a 10/10, if you know what we mean). 

Penetrate Them With Your Tongue

If your partner likes some penetration during oral sex, you have lots of options (although you should always ask for consent beforehand). One way to do this is to use your tongue. Test the waters first by licking or kissing the area around the vaginal opening, then dive in. You can even press the top of your mouth over their clit while you penetrate them with your tongue.

Use Your Fingers

Of course, the vagina is not nearly as sensitive as the clit, so tongue penetration may not always do too much for your partner. Using your fingers or a sex toy may be more likely to give your partner an orgasm than tongue alone. Try focusing your tongue’s efforts on their clitoris while you insert one or two fingers into their vagina. You may even be able to stimulate their G-spot by making a “come hither” motion with your inserted index and middle fingers. (FYI, the G-spot usually feels like a small textured patch of skin about two inches into the vagina)

Switch Up Your Positions

Just like penetrative sex, there are tons of positions you can utilize for super hot oral sex. If you like feeling dominated or just want to give your partner more control, you can try having them straddle your face from above. They can just sort of hover over you or sit directly on your face. This gives your partner the chance to move their hips in response to your touch—plus, you’ll have a pretty stellar view. Just remember to come up for air now and again.

A comfy method for both parties is to prop up the receiving partner’s hips and butt with a pillow or two while they lay back and you put your face between their legs. This gives you easier access without getting a kink in your neck. For different kinds of sensations, have them lean against the wall in a standing position while you get on your knees in front of them.

Break Out ALL the Sex Toys

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When it comes to giving cunnilingus, there is no shortage of truly amazing sex toys that can take them over the edge. For most people with a penis, having an orgasm is a pretty straightforward affair, but it can be a lot more complicated for those with a vulva, sometimes requiring different kinds of stimulation in multiple erogenous zones. Nipple clamps can be especially delightful, providing just the right amount of pain and pleasure while your partner gives you head. Or you could try a vibrating tongue ring for powerful, rumbling vibrations anywhere you put your tongue. You can also try traditional vibrators or a finger vibe for extra sensation while your mouth is elsewhere. 

Oh, and BTW for all the tired tongues out there: they might not feel exactly like oral sex, but some of these clitoral massagers and suction toys come pretty darn close.

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