How to Make Your Winter Sex Sizzle

Let’s talk about winter sex baby, and all the good things that can mean. Modified positions? Check. Ideal locations that take advantage of steamy chemistry? Most definitely! Safety gear? Absolutely. But first, let’s go over how regular intervals of winter sex can improve your overall health and well-being.

Why You May Feel Frisky When It’s Cold Outside

Have you ever wondered why you might feel a little extra frisky when it’s cold outside? Well, it’s not because of an increase in testosterone or estrogen. Medically speaking–those levels peak in the fall and start to decline during the winter. Same with Vitamin-D, the happy hormone. So, what gives?

One idea thrown out on the web is that all those layers of clothes can create a sense of curiosity. You see something all bundled up and have the desire to strip off all the layers to get to the fleshy prize underneath.

Feeling Frisky When It’s Cold Outside

Another reason is that couples and singles feel more sentimental surrounded by holiday decor. Or, they finally resolve to make changes in their lives to improve the quality of their current relationship status—including their overall sexual satisfaction.

Yet another, that seems to adhere to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, is that individuals have more time and opportunity to engage with others, which in turn can increase your proximity and desire to be intimate with someone. Basically, you’re cold, so you want to snuggle in close.

Weather is horrid out, you then decide to stay in and play games, or find other more intimate ways to occupy your time.

According to psychotherapist Kelley Kitley, most couples report that they feel emotionally closer to their partner after they have engaged in some kind of physical touch. Kitley has also been found to say that women tend to feel emotionally closer to their partners after sex. Additionally, men are more likely to be more complimentary or affectionate to their female counterparts after sexual intimacy.

Benefits of Winter Sexy Time

If creating a deeper bond with your partner and garnering a more positive connection aren’t reasons enough to engage in more winter sex, then maybe our top two favorite benefits of having winter sex will.

  1. You’ll help boost your immunity and mood from the release of endorphins, oxytocin, and possibly even the antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA).
  2. Nights are longer, so you have more time to explore different sexual positions, introduce new sex toys, lubes and stimulants, as well as any role play scenarios that you’ve wanted to introduce in to your sex life.

Thankfully for you, we at have a plentiful variety of toys, kits, and other products to increase the appeal of winter sex and all the benefits that come with it —even if miles separate you.

Best Under-the-Covers Sex Positions

Under-the-Covers Sex Positions

We get it, cold temps can cause some shrinkage issues and performance anxiety. Skin covered in goosebumps— also not sexy. No worries, we have a few ideas to increase the heat and bring about a happy ending. Our research has shown that certain sexual positions are a lot easier to perform under the warmth of covers.

Cozy Spoon Sex: Lay on your side and have your partner snuggle in close behind you. Then, before you start having sex from behind, make sure the covers are pulled up so that you are nice and cozy, including your feet. A scientific study found that having cold feet could literally block you from achieving the BIG-O. You can spice up this position by using a vibrator and/or c-ring.

Winter Missionary: To assume this position, have your partner climb on top of you while pulling the covers up over their shoulders. You can introduce a warming g-spot vibrator, penis pump, and/or a warming lube, oil, or lotion to spice up this more low-key position.

Wrapped Lotus: The wrapped lotus is one of the most intimate face-to-face positions that entangles you with your partner in close skin contact from head to toes. To begin, one of you needs to sit up facing the other. Then, the other will climb onto their lap, face-to-face, and wrap your legs around their back. Once in position, wrap a blanket around the both of you to fight off the chilly air until you're ready for a cool down.

Bear Position: Lay in the fetal position (a.k.a. child's pose) with your bottom up in the air. Your partner will then grab a blanket to wrap around you both before entering from behind while giving you a bear hug. The warmth generated from the close contact to your partner's skin and the intimacy of the position will help increase your body temp in no time at all.

Sex Playbook

For even more positions, check out the Position of the Day Playbook. Bound between two soft covers are 365 mind-bending (and body-bending) sexual positions with titillating illustrations.

The book also includes a calorie count for those of you keeping track of your daily caloric intake. There is even a place to leave comments for future reference. Double bonus!

Location, Location, Location

Snow and slick icy surfaces do not make for an ideal location to get all up, close, and personal with your partner. Cramped vehicles with a heater on full blast could work—as a last resort for wintertime sex. Instead, we suggest a warm bath, drizzled with Sliquid Balance Soak, or a steamy shower that has the advantage of an easy clean-up and limbering wet heat to help you bend that extra bit to reach fulfillment.

Dressed in sweats and snuggled under a blanket on the couch is another good spot. Your clothes will easily slide down for easy access so that you can bang one out whenever the mood strikes.

Don’t Forget These Winter Sex Must-Haves

No matter how, when, or where you plan to enjoy wintertime sex—it’s important to do so safely. With that friendly reminder, don’t forget to purchase a few boxes of condoms and/or dental dams so that you have plenty of protection during the long, cold winter months. (Hint: You can do so securely and discreetly online at

We also offer free shipping on all orders over $69, which you can easily reach after you buy your protection and a few intimate devices, accessories, and perhaps a pair of cuffs.

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