Five Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

You’ve met THE ONE. Your equal and complementary match. The person you can visualize growing old with ‘til death do you part. You’ve also done your due diligence to confirm that your partner is equally open to tying the knot with you (a must to avoid an awkward moment). You may have even gone so far as to buy a ring that is just right in size, budget, and style. With all of that in the bag, it’s time to brainstorm and put together an unforgettable marriage proposal that will bring a smile to your partner's face for years to come.  

Five Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas

Put it in Writing 

Spell out “Marry Me” in flower pedals on a sandy beach, with pebbles in a favorite outdoor locale, letters from a board game, on a sports marquee sign, or scripted on their favorite food. Or, express your feelings and intentions within the pages of a keepsake hardbound book that shares all of the wonderful details that have led up to this point in your lives with the last page asking your beloved to marry you.  

Intimate Date for Deux 

intimate marriage proposal

Plan a romantic date indoors or outside for just the two of you to include candles or fairy lights, finger foods, wine, mood music, slow dancing, oversized pillows, soft blankets, a glow in the dark bubble bath, sensual massage… you get the gist. 

Propose via Flash Mob 

Another spectacular way to propose that could involve family and friends is with a flash mob marriage proposal. You can choreograph it on your own or arrange for a professionally choreographed flash mob to emerge in a seemingly spontaneous way to perform to a song that has special meaning to the both of you.

Serenade Your Partner in Public 

Even though you may not have a voice like Barry White or Ellie Goulding, singing in public to the love of your life—and then dropping to your knee to propose—is a grand gesture they will not forget. Or, you can just hire someone to do the singing if you think you’ll be too nervous. That way you can just focus on the asking part of the marriage proposal.  

Two Birds One Stone Approach 

If your beloved is family-oriented, prearrange to ask for their hand in marriage during a family gathering or one with a close group of friends. Not only would you both be surrounded by an immediate super-sized bubble of love and affection, you would also cut down on the number of people you’d have to share the good news with later.          

Post-Proposal Celebration Ideas 

First comes the “yes,” then comes the post-proposal celebration. If you had not thought that far ahead—we’ve got your back. Here are plenty of ideas and items to help you plan a sensual, kinky, or more playful after party.  

His and Her Sexy Apparel  

Take your post-proposal party for two to a higher level by wrapping “your package” in something a little more sexy. You should also buy a little something new for them to slip into to show how much thought you’ve put into ensuring this happy occasion ends on a high note.     

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Buildup Romance with Foreplay


You woo, wowed, and put a ring on their finger. Throughout the whole proposal process you may have unknowingly begun a bit of foreplay. Or, you are a naturally seductive and flirty individual that always oozes sex appeal. Either way, studies have found that on average, 18 minutes of foreplay is the sweet spot for both males and females.  

We’ve put together an highly informative article all about foreplay that includes the different types of foreplay, foreplay ideas for everyone (inexperienced or not), and sex toys to amp up your adult playtime.  

Act out Fantasies with Role Play & Other Kinks 

Now depending on your partner's preferences, which you know best, a bit of role play and/or kink experimentation may be the perfect way to shake off the nerves of the proposal and embrace the joy of your new commitment to each other.

If this is something new for you, pop your peeps on this beginners guide to kink play that includes a section on role playing, as well as Jessica Drake's Guide To Wicked Sex Foreplay

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Favors

Bride and Groom shot glasses

Not only do we have you covered for the proposal, you’ll also find numerous items to help plan a bachelor and bachelorette party. At,  you’ll find everything from sashes, veils, pecker themed items, buttons for bride and groom parties, banners, risqué party favors, gift bags, games, shot glasses, inflatables, and more. 

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