Sensual Scents for National Fragrance Day

The sense of smell is often overlooked when it comes to sexual experiences. It’s easy to get lost in touch, taste, sight, and sound, which is completely understandable. However, the right scent can greatly contribute to pleasure on several levels. Whether you’re using perfume to help get your partner in the mood for love or using it to boost your confidence, the right fragrance can help make you appear and feel more sexy. To celebrate National Fragrance Day on March 21, is here to tell you how you can use scents to augment your sex life.

Exsens of Paris Endorphine Booster

Scents Have Been Used Sexually For Thousands of Years

Essential oils and perfumes have been around for thousands of years. The earliest blends were made from natural oils, flowers, and plants. Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian women are believed to have bathed in water filled with essential oils to attract men. In ancient China, scented sachets were widely used to express various feelings; some scents were used to reflect filial piety, others used to display social status, and some used to express love.

National Fragrance Day celebrates the rich history of perfumes, as well as modern innovations such as scents imbued with pheromones and perfumes that stimulate endorphin production. One of’s most popular fragrances is Exsens of Paris Mi Angels Dream. This body mist combines classic scents of bergamot, cedar, and musk with rare ingredients that are believed to raise endorphin production. Not only will you smell amazing, but you will also feel amazing thanks to the endorphin boost.

Using Fragrances to Drive Your Partner Wild

Pure Instinct For Him

One of the most popular uses of colognes and perfumes is to attract others. Whether you’ve just embarked on your relationship or you’re happily settled with your partner, the right fragrance can help make you more alluring. As with most sexual activity, one of the keys to using scents effectively is communication. Find out what they like. Learn how much to use to get their attention and how much to use to make them drop to their knees.

Complex blends of ingredients help make perfumery the billion-dollar industry it is today. For example, Pure Instinct for Him is an intricate blend of citrus, floral, and wood notes that combine for a cologne that appeals to many. Its signature blend and broad appeal make it one of FunLove’s most popular colognes. Its versatility helps make you smell more attractive, no matter what scents your partner is craving that day.

Max Legend Pheromone Cologne

Using Fragrances to Boost Your Confidence

One of FunLove’s favorite aspects of National Fragrance Day is promoting the use of perfumes to improve your self image. For many people, smelling good helps you feel good about yourself, which leads to more confidence. Most people are attracted to confidence, and attraction is an important part of a sexual relationship. Our store has a wide variety of fragrances that help pick you up when you’re feeling a little down or help you stand out when you’re ready to roar.

Coochy Fragrance Mist comes in a variety of scents that will help you stand out and smell wonderful. Whether you’re looking for a bold, floral, or tropical fragrance, Coochy has you covered. The company even makes green tea and cake fragrances, just in case you want to smell good enough to eat.

FunLove’s male customers tend to favor musky scents. If you or your partner enjoy that variety then Max Legend Pheromone Cologne is just what the doctor ordered. It has a masculine musk base that’s given complexity with notes of coriander and patchouli. While the scent is sure to make you feel bold and confident, the pheromones will help make sure that others are captivated by your confidence.

Celebrate National Fragrance Day with FunLove

FunLove hopes that you use National Fragrance Day to recommit to your perfume game or try something new. The olfactory sense is hugely underrated when it comes to sex and you should make sure that you take advantage of its pleasure. Make yourself smell great with our colognes and perfumes. 

Use fragrances that will make your partner want you on that spot. You can even try dropping a bath bomb in the tub so that you and your partner get clean and smell fresh before taking things to the bedroom. No matter the situation, please be assured that FunLove has the right products for you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the choices FunLove has for National Fragrance Day? Our team is always available to help! Give us a call at 866-FUN-LOVE or drop by one of our Fascinations store locations to speak with one of our courteous sales representatives. Our staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect product. Don’t forget that our online store offers free shipping on orders $69 and higher.

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