Tips For Exploring Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies. They’re a normal and healthy part of life. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable sharing and exploring sexual fantasies with their partners. This is a huge mistake! Learning about your sexual fantasies and those of your partner can go along way towards strengthening your relationship, keeping your sex life fresh, and bringing you closer together. offers the following tips to help you and your partner make your sexual fantasies a reality.

Keep an Open Mind

Some people have a difficult time seeing beyond their own perspective. That’s a major reason why some fantasies go unfulfilled. When exploring sexual fantasies with your partner, it’s best to keep an open mind. What gets them excited may seem strange or unusual to you, but that doesn’t make it abnormal. Everyone has different things that excite them or turn them on. Don’t be judgemental when learning about your partner’s fantasies. If they end up something that brings you closer or experience new things together then they’re absolutely worth pursuing.

Communication Is Key

Exploring Sexual Fantasies -- Communication

Having open and honest communication is integral to any close relationship, and this is especially true when exploring sexual fantasies. You have to make what you’re looking for clear to your partner so that they can do their best to satisfy you and vice versa. Similarly, if there are things that you’re uncomfortable with, then you have to make that clear as well. What makes sexual fantasies the most fulfilling is realizing them together, and the first step is communication.

Sexual Fantasies Don’t Have to be Ornate

One misconception about sexual fantasies is that they have to be complex productions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It can be something as simple as trying a new form of foreplay. Maybe this method of foreplay is something you’ve always wanted, but your partner wasn’t aware of it. Perhaps it’s something new to try that neither of you have thought to bring up in the bedroom. The bottom line is something simple can be just as new and exciting as something grand.

Don’t Dismiss Things with Taboo Reputations

There are many reasons why some sexual acts are viewed as taboo and few of them make sense. Don’t let random restrictions imposed by societal norms restrict your sexual pleasure. If you or your partner are curious about kink, then you should pursue it together. 

The same goes for other forms of pleasure may be labelled “weird,” such as temperature play. It’s natural and healthy to explore sexual fantasies so that you and your partner experience new forms of pleasure that keep your sex life fulfilling. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing things that are randomly considered taboo.

Celebrity, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Sex Can Be Great!

Exploring Sexual Fantasies -- Hello Nurse!

Some people dream about having sex with certain celebrities or characters from pop culture. It’s easy to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to get hammered by the mighty Thor or tied up in Black Widow’s webs? Maybe your partner is into videogames and has visions of making love to a night elf from World of Warcraft. It pays to find out what your partner is into and letting them know who is in your sexual dreams. Whether it’s a celebrity, pop culture character, naughty schoolgirl, police officer, or nurse, acting out fantasies together in the bedroom is a great way to experience new types of pleasure.

Why Exploring Sexual Fantasies Is Awesome

There are many great reasons why you and your partner should pursue your sexual fantasies. Some of them were mentioned above, but if you need a cheat sheet to remind you and your partner why exploring them is so important then just remember the following reasons:

  • Experiencing new sexual arousal and pleasure
  • Satisfying curiosity about different sexual pleasures
  • Fulfilling needs that aren’t being met
  • Escaping reality
  • Exploring a desire that some deem taboo
  • Becoming more sexually confident and comfortable with your partner
  • Making sure bedroom activities don’t get stale and repetitive

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