Sex Games for Big Game LV Chiefs vs. Buccaneers

The Big Game takes place on Sunday, February 7! While it’s traditionally the biggest sporting event in America, full of fantastic get togethers and raucous bars, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we’ll experience Big Game LV. Since many of us will be catching the game with our significant other, why not use the Big Game to bowl your partner over with some super sex games?

If you don’t have ideas for for Big Game sex games, don’t worry. is here to help. Here are some sex games ideas to spice up Big Game LV.

Pick a Team and Roll the Dice!

Oral Sex Dice

Sunday’s game is between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let your partner pick a team, while you take the other. Have a pair of sexy dice ready for some action. Whenever your team gets a first down or scores, you get to roll the dice and enjoy your partner. Whenever your partner’s team scores or gets a first down, it’s their turn to roll and enjoy you. offers a variety of erotic dice. Whether you want to focus on oral pleasure or need a pair that glow in the dark, we have you covered. Use Sunday’s Big Game to translate the action of 22 strapping athletes getting physical on the field into hot and heavy activity on your sofa or in your bed with dice sex games.

Try Some New Positions with a Big Game Pool

Position of the Day Playbook

Football game pools are always fun with a group of friends. Instead of gambling money, you and your partner can use a squares pool to try out some new sexual positions. First, print out a Big Game LV pool form and follow the instructions to fill it out. Next, you and your partner will select squares. After each quarter, the winner gets to pick a sex position to try after the game (or during it!).

Looking for new positions to try out in order to spice things up and experience different sensations? has a wide selection of erotic books to help you. The Position of the Day Playbook is the perfect choice for sex games like this one. With 365 positions to choose from, you and your partner will definitely find something exciting and new to try.

Go All-In with Poker Sex Games

Cosmo's Strip Poker

Watching sports and playing cards are typical Big Game activities. With the help of our erotic card games they can be experienced in a sexy way. Cosmo’s Strip Tease Poker Card Game is a huge hit with our customers. This variation of five-card stud has a bonus deck filled with sensual acts. The winner of the hand gets to pick a card from the bonus deck and choose how it’s used. Similar to the start of the Big Game, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is whether you elect to receive.

You can use the in-game action to take things to the next level. In addition to playing the game straight up, you can opt to “win” bonus cards every time your team scores. If you want to up the ante include a bonus bet where you draw a card every time Tom Brady or Pat Mahomes completes a pass. No matter what happens in the Big Game or your poker game, you and your partner will end up winning.

Celebrate Field Goals and Touchdowns with Sex Toys

Speaking of everyone winning, here’s a simple sex game that’s fun for everyone involved: use a sex toy whenever a field goal or a touchdown is scored. You and your partner will decide teams before the game starts. If your team scores then you get to pick. If the other team scores then it’s their turn to choose. Both teams put up big numbers in their respective Conference Championships, so expect a big score that will help have big-time satisfaction.

As an added bonus, sex toys have numerous health benefits. Using them regularly can help improve both your mental and physical health. So in addition to helping you enjoy Big Game LV more, sex toys will make you and your partner feel good and give you a potential health boost. See? Everyone wins!

Make the Big Game Sexy with

If you’re looking to add some erotic sex games to Big Game LV, is the perfect destination for you. In addition to our wide selection of high-quality sex toys, we have lubes and enhancements that are sure to take your sexual escapades to neight heights. If you’re overwhelmed by which one of our excellent products to purchase, our customer service team is happy to help you at 866-FUN-LOVE.

If you live in Arizona or Colorado, please feel free to drop by one of our stores to check out our numerous sex games. Whether you’re ordering online or shopping in person, our staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect sex toys, accessories, and games for you. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest promotions, in-store events, and more.
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