Your Guide to Squirting (Female Ejaculation)

Squirting, sometimes referred to as female ejaculation, is one of the most enigmatic aspects of sex. Not all women are capable of it and many people are unsure of how to achieve it. To help you understand what squirting is, how it works, and how to make it happen, FunLove presents a guide to female ejaculation.

What Is Squirting?

In the simplest terms, squirting is what happens when liquid is discharged from the vagina during sex. Unlike cervical fluids that steadily lubricate the vagina, these liquids are typically dispersed during or shortly after an orgasm. However, it’s possible to have it happen before an orgasm or even if an orgasm isn’t achieved.

For the act most people associate with squirting, the liquid is a combination of urine and secretions from the skene's glands. It’s normally expelled in a forceful stream. Some women that can achieve female ejaculation can expel a large amount of skene’s gland secretions; this milky white fluid typically comes out much more slowly.

Lastly, some women suffer from sexual incontinence, which causes them to urinate during sex. This often happens during an orgasm, when pleasure causes them to lose control of bodily functions.

All three of the acts mentioned above fall under the banner of squirting. Two of them can be achieved during sex, while one is an involuntary reaction.

How Are Female Ejaculation and Squirting Achieved?

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This is the tough part. Scientists are all over the place when it comes to guessing how many women are even capable of squirting. The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) has estimates as low as 10% and as high as 50%. The only way to know for sure if you and/or your partner are capable of female ejaculation is through trial and error.

Ejaculation can be achieved through different ways. Similar to how women reach climax differently, different sexual acts can get different women to squirt. Some require clitoral stimulation, while others are triggered by G-spot manipulation.

Naturally, FunLove has a wide variety of sex toys to help you explore whether you can experience female ejaculation or not. Products like the Intrigue Flirty Five Bullet Kit stimulate a number of different areas to help you make a comprehensive effort into discovering you or your partner’s squirting capabilities.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Women mostly describe squirting as pleasurable, but the degree of intensity varies from person to person. For some, it’s a nice feeling that’s not outstanding or especially memorable. For others, it only happens in conjunction with the most intense orgasms. As with so many things with sex, no two people are the same.

Is Squirting Normal?

Doctors and scientists agree that squirting is a perfectly normal and natural aspect of sex. They also agree that it’s perfectly normal and natural for some women to be incapable of female ejaculation. Again, no two people are exactly the same. You shouldn’t feel strange if you have female ejaculations during sex, nor should you feel abnormal if you can’t squirt.

Some women will be able to squirt for most of their lives, while others never will. In rare cases, it can even happen late in life. A study by BJU International (BJUI) has a subject that first achieved female ejaculation at age 68. No matter the case, it’s a completely normal occurrence.

Let FunLove Be Your Guide

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