Penis Sleeves and Extenders 101

Penis sleeves and penis extenders are some of the most underappreciated sex toys around. customers that use them absolutely love them. Unfortunately, many people miss out on the pleasure these sex toys offer because of various stigmas. Some men are reluctant to try extenders and sleeves due to feelings of inadequacy, while others feel uncomfortable discussing these products with their partner out of fear of offending. is here to tell you to communicate clearly with your partner and get past any misgivings the two of you may have about these intimate devices, because penis sleeves can lead to amazing sex.

What Are Penis Sleeves?

Extenders and sleeves are intimate accessories that are placed over a penis. In all cases, they make the size of the penis bigger. Some models add various textures on the outside of the product, which can add new sensations to vaginal or anal sex.

Why Use an Extender or Sleeve?

There are many reasons why using a penis extender or sleeve makes sense and none of them are things to be embarrassed about. Some of the reasons our customers enjoy these products include:

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  • Compensating for Erectile Dysfunction: Men that suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) can use a sleeve to compensate for the lack of blood flow to the penis. ED can happen for various mental and physical reasons. In fact, the Boston Medical Group claims that 91% of all men suffer from sexual dysfunction.
  • Compensating for Premature Ejaculation: Similar to ED, premature ejaculation happens to most men at one time or another. Using a sleeve can keep you stay in the game longer and make sure that your partner is satisfied.
  • Making Sex Last Longer: Even if you don’t have ED, there are times when your partner simply wants more. You won’t have to worry about downtime when using a penis sleeve. It will let you keep going as long as your partner wants.
  • Giving Your Partner a Different Size: FunLove has extenders in all different sizes, which can be fun for your partner. There may be times when your partner wants to experience a different girth or length. An extender lets them do that without having to change sexual partners or go solo.
  • Offering Your Partner New Sensations: FunLove also has sleeves that are ribbed or studded. These atypical textures offer a completely different type of feeling compared to a smooth penis. Give your partner a whole new world of pleasure by incorporating a studded or ribbed extender into your lovelife.

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Penis Extender and Sleeve Considerations

Before you and your partner use a sleeve or extender, there are several things to think about. Some of them are common sense, while others require honest communication. Before purchasing one of these sex toys you should:

  • Talk About Size: The person being penetrated should be clear about the size they desire. This includes girth and length. Getting the size right can make the difference between an unbelievable orgasm and a painful night.
  • Discuss Textures: While ribbed sleeves can feel amazing, they’re definitely not for everyone. Discuss starting with mild ribbing before moving onto aggressive studs. Some people may not want atypical textures at all. Talking things through is the only way to find out.
  • Lube Up: Lubrication is essential, especially if using a ribbed or studded extender. FunLove has a wide range of personal lubricants and we’re confident we have several options that will suit your needs.
  • Don’t Forget to Clean: As with any sex toy, cleaning between use is important for the health and safety of you and your partner. After all, you’re dealing with some of the most sensitive parts of the human body.

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