Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

What’s a fun and sexy way to get a workout that is clothing optional? Well, there are a few answers to that question. Today, however, we’ll be dishing on the delights of pole dancing! You may have already gleaned that from this article's title, but we’re actually going to share how you can set up a dancer pole to enjoy in the privacy of your home. Then, we’ll go over a few beginner pole dancing tips to inspire your inner Rachel Fit.        

What to Know Before You Buy a Dancer Pole

At FunLove.com we offer good quality dancing poles for strip dancing, fitness exercise, or intimate pleasures. One of the best features about our poles is that they can be easily adjusted, making them ideal for in-home installation, including apartments. 

Each pole does come with installation instructions, however, since you don’t have the box in front of you there are a few logistical considerations that you may not think of prior to purchase.   

You’ll Need a Stud Finder

Although finding a studly handyman to assist with installation would help, that’s not what we mean by “stud finder.” In this instance we mean a tool that makes it easier to find a ceiling joist (aka beam) to securely mount your dance pole in place. If you don’t do this, you could end up with a hole in your ceiling from the pressure required to properly install the pole. You could also end up seriously injured if the pole should shift or fall when you try to wrap yourself around it. 

Flat vs. Bumpy Ceilings

Another item to think about is what type of ceiling do you have. Is it flat? Does it have a designer stamp? Or, does it have a popcorn texture? Portable pole dancing kits work best when installed on a flat ceiling surface. This allows for a more secure grip between the pole and the ceiling surface. 

If you do not have a flat ceiling, you’ll just need to make sure that the pole you purchase has a thick soft rubber pole cover on top. Then, you’ll need to make sure that you install and tighten the pole correctly to allow for an even and secure grip between the ceiling and the pole. Just note that you may end up with an indentation in the ceiling, no matter how carefully you install a portable dancer pole.  

The key takeaway here is to make sure that the pole is secure and correctly installed so that you avoid a potential injury. A few cosmetic marks on your ceiling are worth it if you don’t have to worry about your pole falling down like a cut tree in the woods. 

The Harder the Floor, the Better

In addition to finding a strong ceiling stud, you’ll want to make sure that the rubber on the base of the pole is thick, soft, and sticky enough to properly grip onto the surface of your floor. That being said, the best types of floors to install a dancer pole are those that are smooth and solid, such as cement, hard wood, laminate, and linoleum. Tile is among the worst as it may crack and shift under the pole. Carpet can also be tricky depending on the density of fibers. Plus, there is a very real danger of acquiring rug burns as you spin and turnabout.    

And just like with ceilings, no matter how careful you are at installing your dancer pole, the floor may still get damaged. 

Pay Attention to Weight Limits 

As with any weight bearing item, you need to be aware of the maximum limitations of your new dancer pole. You don’t want something that may snap in half or bend and pull away from the ceiling or floor because it was not made to hold your weight or your boo’s if they decide they want to surprise you with a private performance.

Make Room to Get Your Groove On

Last but not least, make sure that there is enough room around your pole to avoid hitting anything during your at-home sessions. Best rule of thumb to check the distance between your pole and surrounding walls--make sure that you can stretch your arms out as wide as possible around all sides of the pole without touching the pole or any walls. 

You may also want to use a crash mat while you learn to give yourself an added layer of protection should you end up falling down. We also suggest investing in dance pole gloves to help protect your wrists and improve your grip. These will be extremely useful if you have a dancer pole that also spins.    

Now that you are aware of a few installation basics, it’s time to slide on into the fun and sexy side of this article.  

How to Use Your New Dancer Pole 

Once you get your dancer pole safely installed, you may wonder where to begin. To keep things simple and give credit where credit is due, we will be sharing three classic pole moves for beginners that we found on professional pole dancing websites. 

Walk Around the Pole

Walk Around the Pole

According to polefitfreedom.com, to pull this move off like a pro make sure that you maintain good posture as you place one hand on the pole. From there, practice slowly walking around the pole while keeping your toes pointed and adding a little bit of a sashay / sway to your hips. This beginner move seems easy enough, but you may find yourself tripping over your feet at first.

As you build confidence try to increase your sass by slipping on a pair of heels, sliding your back up and down the pole, wrap one leg around the pole and bend backwards, etc. You get the gist.   

Sit on the Pole

Sit on the Pole

This is another introductory move shared by polefitfreedom.com that is also referred to as thigh-gripping the pole. To start, wrap the foot of one leg around the pole. Next, place both hands on the pole and hoist yourself up while crossing your other leg over the knee of the first. 

After you build up strength, you can challenge yourself more by climbing higher, adjusting your leg placement, and eventually sitting hands-free! Since this move can be a little tricky at first, you’ll want a spotter nearby to help steady you and keep you from falling and hurting yourself.

Ankle Spin

Ankle Spin
Also known as the fireman spin, this beginner spin gets your whole body on the pole while letting you start closer to the ground. Polepedia.com provides a few steps to help ensure that you position yourself properly on the pole for an ankle spin. To start, stand next to the pole and place your inside hand high above your head and bring your outside hand across your chest and grasp the pole in a baseball grip

Next, step the inside foot forward, swinging the outside foot in a wide arc around your body. You’ll then hook the outside leg on the outside of the pole, with the ankle crossed to the opposite side. The final step of the ankle spin is to simultaneously bring your inside foot up and press it against the backside of the pole with the ankle crossed to the opposite side--ending with your knees kissing together.

Apparel and Accessories for Pole Dancing

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